On-Campus Resources

On-Campus Resources

Campus Resources

Academic Success Center

Testing: When a student is accepted at Rowan University, the University needs to assess the basic skills of the student in reading and mathematics to determine the kinds of courses he/she is prepared to take. For this purpose each student is required to take placement tests based on their SAT Scores.

Tutoring Center: The tutoring service is offered to Rowan University students at no additional cost. Its purpose is to complement classroom instruction, not to replace it. The tutoring center invites students to take advantage of this service.

Basic Skills: The scores of the Rowan University Placement Test identify skill deficiencies in reading and mathematics. If students' scores on placement tests indicate that they need to strengthen skills in certain areas, they will be advised to enroll in the appropriate basic skills courses. Students are required to register for these courses the first semester of their freshman year.

Disability Resources: Provides services and accommodations to enrolled students who have disabilities as defined by the Americans With Disabilities Act Amendment Act.

Veterans Affairs: Responsible for processing the eligible students' paperwork to the Department of Veteran Affairs in order to receive their educational benefits. The office also administers the N.J. National Guard Tuition Waiver Program. 

Location: Savitz Top Floor
Telephone Number: 856-256-4259

Career Management Center

Engages students in the development and implementation of meaningful educational and career goals consistent with their personal values, interests, and abilities. Take advantage of a comprehensive range of services to help reach your career goals.  Meet with a Career Management Center advisor to discuss activities such as identifying interests and skills, choosing a major, starting a job search campaign, writing a resume, and preparing for an interview.  You may schedule an appointment or stop by during our extended walk-in hours. 

Location: Savitz 323
Telephone Number: 856-256-4459

Counseling and Psychological Services Center

Counseling & Psychological Services promotes the psychological well-being and personal growth of a diverse student body by providing quality individual, group and crisis counseling for personal, psychological and social concerns.  

Location: Wellness Center at Winans Hall
Telephone Number: 856-256-4333

Financial Aid

New Jersey residents who attend Rowan find that the cost of attending Rowan is far less than that of many other universities because the State of New Jersey subsidizes the University.

 Location: Savitz - 1st floor
Telephone Number: 856-256- 4250

Healthy Campus Initiatives

The Office of Healthy Campus Initiatives offers students various avenues for making healthy choices. Initiatives include: Alcohol Wise and Student Care, which began in September 2008 as a group of highly dedicated students. The group learns and promotes an array of health and wellness topics. Students are trained in peer facilitation skills to help other students through various struggles.

Location: Wellness Center at Winans Hall
Telephone Number: 856-256-5175

Office of Community Standards and Commuter Services

The Office of Community Standards and Commuter Services articulates to students the standards of behavior expected within the University community. Standards of student conduct ensure respect for all members of the community and maintenance of a collaborative and learning-centered environment. The commuter and off-campus student services function of the office is responsible for addressing the concerns and unique needs of these students.

Location: Student Center – Top Floor              
Telephone Number: 856-256-4242                                                     

Office of Social Justice, Inclusion and Conflict Resolution  

Office of Social Justice, Inclusion and Conflict Resolution (SJICR) provides a dedicated physical space and brings together resources for underrepresented and underserved students at Rowan University. This work is done by way of student mentorship through the Dr. Harley E. Flack Student Mentoring program; serving as a "home away from home" for students who self-identified as ALANA (African, Latino/a, Asian and Native American), women, and LGBTQIA+; providing opportunities for student spiritual exploration; and collaborating with University offices and departments to provide workshops and social justice training to staff and faculty.

Location: Robinson Hall - Suite 214
Telephone Number: 856-256-5495

Office of Service Learning and Volunteerism

The Office of Service Learning and Volunteerism offers numerous opportunities for students who want to give back to the community as volunteers.

Location: Chamberlain Student Center - Suite 210
Telephone Number: 856-256-4595

Public Safety

Rowan offers a comprehensive public safety program for the university community. We deliver services through the following service sections: Police, Patrol, Crime Prevention, parking, and Safety & Medical Services.

Telephone Number: 856-256-4911

Recreation Center

The Rec. Center is a state-of-the art health club open seven days a week for currently enrolled full-time students. Memberships are also available for part-time students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Location: Rowan Gym Center
Telephone Number: 856-256-4900


The primary goal of the Office of the Registrar is to help students and alumni with all their registration and records needs. The Registrar is your one-stop for all your questions regarding registration, fees/payments, grades and more.

Location: Savitz Hall - First Floor
Telephone Number: 856-256-4350

Student Health Center

The mission of the Student Health Center (SHC) of Rowan University strives to remove health-related barriers to learning, to promote optimal wellness, to enable clients to make informed decisions about health issues, and to empower students to be self-directed and well informed health care consumers. 

Location: Wellness Center at Winans Hall
Telephone Number: 856-256-4333

University Advising Center

The UAC is a collaborative, learning-centered environment committed to engaging students in the development and implementation of meaningful educational goals, informed academic planning, and major selection consistent with their personal values, interests, and abilities. 

Location: Savitz 242
Telephone Number: 856-256-4334