On-Campus Resources

On-Campus Resources

Campus Resources

Academic Success Center
Testing Services | Tutoring Services | Faculty Services | Disability Resources | Success Coaching 
Military Services | Accommodations | Access & Inclusion Resources | Universal Design Learning 

Location: Savitz Hall, 3rd Floor
Telephone: 856-256-4259 

Office of Career Advancement (OCA)
Engages students in the development and implementation of meaningful educational and career goals consistent with their personal values, interests, and abilities. 

Location: Savitz 323
Telephone: 856-256-4459 

Counseling and Psychological Services Center
Counseling & Psychological Services at Rowan University provides quality counseling for a variety of concerns to promote the psychological well-being and personal growth of a diverse student body.  

Location: Wellness Center at Winans Hall
Telephone: 856-256-4333

Financial Aid
Rowan University's Office of Financial Aid is committed to helping students receive a return on their investment by providing them with essential financial aid information and resources.

Location: Savitz - 1st Floor
Telephone: 856-256-4250 | Email: financialaid@rowan.edu  

Healthy Campus Initiatives (HCI)
The Office of Healthy Campus Initiatives (HCI) is committed to educating the Rowan University community about making healthy choices and decisions regarding their personal wellness that will enhance the college experience. Students are encouraged to take an active part in their own personal health as well as the health of the campus as a whole. Working in collaboration with other Student Life and academic departments on the Rowan campus allows for a multi-faceted approach to prevention and health promotion. HCI is dedicated to involving the Rowan community in the ever-changing journey to wellness.

Location: Wellness Center at Winans Hall
Telephone: 856-256-4333                                             

Office of Community Engagement & Commuter Services (VCECS)
The Office of Service Learning and Volunteerism offers numerous opportunities for students who want to give back to the community as volunteers.

Location: Chamberlain Student Center - Suite 210
Telephone: 856-256-4595

Public Safety
Campus Recreation is committed to providing exceptional programs, services, and facilities that promote and encourage a balanced, healthy lifestyle. We are dedicated to creating a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment that enhances student learning and skill development, fosters enjoyment and appreciation for recreational activities, and enriches the quality of life for the Rowan Community.

Telephone: 856-256-4911 (Emergency) | 856-256-4922 (Non-Emergency/Crime Preventation)

Campus Recreation
The Rec. Center is a state-of-the art health club open seven days a week for currently enrolled full-time students. 

Telephone: 856-256-4900 (Rec Center)
Telephone: 856-256-5900 (Fitness Center on Victoria Ave.)

The primary goal of the Office of the Registrar is to help students and alumni with all their registration and records needs. The Registrar is your one-stop for all your questions regarding registration, fees/payments, grades and more.

Location: Savitz Hall - 1st Floor
Telephone: 856-256-4350

Wellness Center
The Rowan University Wellness Center at Winans Hall on the main campus in Glassboro is a fully integrated health and wellness facility for Rowan University students. Dedicated staff and licensed professionals collaborate to provide quality health and wellness clinical care to Rowan University students.

Location: Wellness Center at Winans Hall
Telephone: 856-256-4333

Academic Advising
Academic advising is a collaborative relationship between students and their academic advisor to develop  educational goals that are consistent with their personal interests, values and abilities. 

Location: Savitz Hall, 2nd Floor
Telephone: 856-256-4459 | Email: advise@rowan.edu