Peer Mentor Benefits & Responsibilities

Peer Mentor Benefits & Responsibilities

Peer Mentor Benefits and Responsibilities

Peer Mentors are undergraduate students in good academic and judicial standing who have successfully applied to serve as Peer-Mentors in the Dr. Harley E. Flack Student Mentoring program.

Peer Mentor Benefits

  • Public recognition as a peer-mentor.
  • Leadership training and professional development opportunities.
  • Eligible for paid employment with the mentoring program office.
  • Eligible for book vouchers as returning peer-mentors.

Peer Mentor Responsibilities

In order to participate at this level and to be in good standing with the mentoring program, Peer Mentors MUST be willing to serve for a full academic year and will:

  1. Complete a Mentor/Mentee Contract along with their Professional Mentor in which they will outline a set of clear achievable short term goals for the duration of the academic year.
  2. Respond within 48 hours to correspondence from the mentoring program office and from their peer-mentor.
  3. Meet with Professional Mentors at least 4 times during the course of each semester.
  4. Discuss frankly with their Professional Mentors any issues or problems they may be facing in order to get support in resolving such challenges and will make use of student support services appropriately.
  5. Attend Peer-Mentor training in the summer prior to the beginning of the academic year.
  6. Meet with their mentees (First year students) once a week in their first semester and twice a month in their second semester for a minimum of one hour. 
  7. Attend and encourage their mentee to attend all appropriate program meetings, workshops and activities.
  8. Participate in at least one community service activity each year.
  9. Attend monthly Peer Mentor Meetings.
  10. Submit Peer-Mentor/Mentee Meeting Logs once a week through our online webportal during the fall semester and twice a month during the spring semester.
  11. Seek involvement and leadership in at least one on-campus organization other than the Mentoring Program.
  12. Attend the SJICR Closing Ceremony at the end of the spring semester.