Mentee Benefits & Responsibilities

Mentee Benefits & Responsibilities

Mentee Benefits and Responsibilities

Mentees are first year and/or transfer undergraduate students who have successfully completed an online webportal profile and attended an 1-hour mentee orientation detailing program requirements, events and resources.  

Mentee Benefits

  • Get involved in University life
  • Build community and a support network
  • Gain knowledge and connection to academic resources
  • Get guidance in the pursuit of academic majors
  • Eligible for paid employment with the mentoring program office. 

Mentee Responsibilities

In order to participate as a Mentee in good standing with the mentoring program, Mentees will:

  1. Attend mentee orientation. 
  2. Work with peer mentor to outline a set of clear achievable short term goals for the course of academic year (some possible goals may include: meeting with all professors at least twice each semester, become active in a student organization, make use of the Writing center, or improve study skills).
  3. Meet with peer mentors in person once a week in their first semester and twice a month in their second semester.
  4. Discuss frankly with their peer and professional mentors any issues or problems they may be facing in order to get support in resolving such challenges and will make use of student support services appropriately.
  5. Respond within 48 hours to correspondence from the mentoring program office and from their peer mentor.
  6. Evaluate the quality of your peer mentoring relationship monthly through our online portal logs and evaluations.
  7. Attend at least one program meeting or activity per month (special emphasis is placed on participating in the Speak and Eat Student Development Conversation Series).
  8. Get involved with a student organization (ideally the organization affiliated with your academic major).
  9. Maintain good academic and judicial standing.

Advancement Requirements to become a Peer Mentor:

  1. Completion of the above requirements.
  2. A cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5.
  3. Completion of the Peer-Mentor Application