Professional Mentors

Professional Mentors

Professional Mentors

Professional Mentors are fulltime faculty and/or staff members from the Rowan community who have dedicated their time to mentor a Dr. Harley E. Flack peer mentor for the course of one academic year.

Participation in the mentoring program includes opportunities to facilitate one of our student development Speak and Eat conversations, serve as a chaperone on a cultural awareness-building trip or attend one of many social events. Please consider serving as a mentor to actively mentoring one to three students. 


  • Gain the satisfaction of assisting students in making sound academic and professional decisions.
  • Identify and shape the next generation of professionals within your career field.
  • Impact the personal, social and academic experience of Rowan students within a structured program.
  • Fulfill the “service to university” requirement for tenure and recontracting.

We are currently looking for new Professional Mentors!

Interested in Serving?

To become a Professional Mentor please create a profile online at Professional Mentor Profile