Mentoring Ambassadors: High School Mentoring

Mentoring Ambassadors: High School Mentoring

High School Mentoring

Program Overview

Developed out of an existing partnership with Delsea Regional High School, this component of the program partners with neighboring high schools to offer first-year and upper-class students the opportunity to serve as Mentoring Ambassadors who provide on-site mentorship to high school students. Mentoring Ambassadors help high school students deal with issues they face and encourage them to strive toward higher education.





Mentoring Ambassadors serve Delsea Regional High School on Tuesdays and Glassboro High School on Wednesdays throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. To become a Mentoring Ambassador, you have to be available from 2-4: 45 pm on Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays throughout the semester and interested in volunteering your time to provide mentorship to high school students.

Over the course of the semester, Mentoring Ambassadors will lead and engage in discussions on current news, local, national and international issues, co-facilitate icebreakers and other activities, and provide individual and group mentorship. 

If interested in learning more or becoming a Mentoring Ambassador, contact Temple Jordan, Assistant Director of Mentoring & Inclusion Programs at