Become an Undergraduate Coordinator

Become an Undergraduate Coordinator

Undergraduate Coordinators 

Undergraduate Coordinators are third or fourth year program participants in good academic and judicial standing who have successfully applied to serve on the Student Coordinating Committee of the Dr. Harley E. Flack Student Mentoring program.

Undergraduate Coordinator Benefits

  • Recognized as Undergraduate Coordinators at program’s opening and closing ceremonies.
  • Leadership training and professional development opportunities.
  • Receives stipend at the end of each semester based on completed office hours and other responsibilities as outlined below.

Undergraduate Coordinator Responsibilities

In order to participate at this level Undergraduate Coordinators must be in good standing with the mentoring program and MUST be willing to serve for a full academic year as a member of the Dr. Harley E. Flack Student Coordinating Committee. Additionally, Undergraduate Coordinators will have additional responsibilities including but not limited to:

  • Maintain a Professional Mentor
  • Complete four office-hours per week for the mentoring program office.
  • Keep track of Peer mentor/mentee contacts through collection of Peer Mentor/Mentee Meeting Logs for each assigned mentoring
  • Meet with your mentoring cluster at least once during the course of each semester.
  • Work in pairs to assist with planning, coordinating, marketing and executing program events
  • Attend a minimum of one service project per academic year.
  • Attend bi-monthly Coordinating Committee meetings with the Assistant Director and Graduate Coordinator to review progress of assigned mentoring
  • Assist with interviewing and evaluating incoming peer mentors and other programmatic staff.
  • Assist with selecting Peer Mentors of the Semester and Peer Mentor of the Year.

If interested in serving as an Undergraduate Coordinator, please submit your resume, coverletter and two references to:

Temple Jordan
Assistant Director Mentoring & Inclusion Programs

For optimal consideration, please submit documents no later than June 5th, 2017.