Women's Center

Women's Center


The Women's Center aims to promote a campus environment that is inclusive of student’s gender identities and expressions, and allows for expression and exploration of gender. Programs and initiatives of the Center will advance understanding and appreciation for all gender identities and expressions. 

Programs and Initiatives

Support the celebration of national/international days or month around gender equity and women's rights. 

Programs include our Women of Color Collective, the Feminist Activist Symposium featuring scholarship and presentations by faculty, staff, and students, Politics of Black Hair, and our series exploring masculinity. Intergroup dialogue programs addressing conflict and coexistence across identity groups.

Learning Outcomes

Explore their gender identities and expressions through the utilization of educational resources, informal conversations and programmatic opportunities held by or in collaboration with SJICR.

  • Articulate aspects of their identity and how those individual aspects contribute to their sense of self and their awareness of multiple identities.
  • Build partnerships through programming with student organizations affiliated with SJICR.
  • Explore the meaning of social justice and gain tools to be an active change agent within their local, regional and national communities