Dining for Diversity

Dining for Diversity

Dining for Diversity

Dining for Diversity (DFD) is a monthly intergroup dialogue held in the Interfaith & Spiritual Exploration Center in Evergreen Hall.  A guest Chef will prepare a freshly cooked meal for diners to enjoy. All members of the Rowan community are welcome to participate in the DFD. Topics range from national to local and campus news and events. 


Intergroup dialogue promotes student engagement across cultural and social divides on college campuses through a face-to-face, interactive, and facilitated learning experience. Participating in intergroup dialogues allows for the exploration of commonalities and differences across culture and ideology.  Moreover, the DFD is a safe space to dissect the nature and impact of discrimination, power, and privilege and find ways of working together toward greater inclusion, equity, and social justice.


The practice of intergroup dialogue is considered an effective and meaningful activity in preparing college graduates with the knowledge, commitment, and skills essential for living and working in a diverse yet socially stratified society. Research provides supportive evidence that intergroup dialogues results in consciousness raising, building relationships across differences and conflicts, and strengthens individual and collective capacities to promote social justice.


Intergroup Dialogue Approaches

In debate we... In discussion we try to.. In dialogue we...
  • Succeed or win
  • Defend our opinion
  • Stress disagreement
  • Deny other's feelings
  • Discount the validity of feelings
  • Listen with a view of countering
  • Judge other viewpoints as inferior, invalid or distorted
  • Use silence to gain an advantage
  • Disregard relationships
  • Present ideas
  • Enlist others
  • Persuade others
  • Acknowledge feelings, then discount them as inappropriate
  • Listen for places of disagreement
  • Achieve preset goals
  • Avoid silence
  • Retain Relationships
  • Broaden our own perspective
  • Express paradox and ambiguity
  • Find places of agreement
  • Explore thoughts and feelings
  • Listen with a view to understand
  • Challenge ourselves and other's preconceived notions
  • Honor silence
  • Build relationships
  • Ask questions and invite inquiry