Social Justice and Cultural Competence Student Conference

Social Justice and Cultural Competence Student Conference

Social Justice & Cultural Competence Student Conference

The 5th annual Social Justice and Cultural Competency (SJ&CC) Student Conference at Rowan University will take place September 30th, 2017 at 9am in the Chamberlain Student Center Ballroom. Participants will have an opportunity to be introduced to concepts and theories surrounding issues of social identity, social justice, power, and privilege. More importantly, students will learn strategies to interrogate their own position in society, at Rowan, and within their immediate social circles. They will be given tools that will assist them in challenging their own assumptions as well as effectively interrupting the micro and macro aggressions experienced daily by persons of different social identity groups. The SJ&CC Conference will provide an opportunity for students to begin or further their cultural competence journey in developing the skill to effectively communicate, relate to, and problem solve with people of another culture than their own.


“Social Justice” is at the center of the conference and is an essential element for student leadership development. It is significantly beneficial for student leaders to examine and develop the skills to become culturally competent and an effective Ally (Adams, Bell, & Griffin, 2007).  Ally-development subsequently then begins with an examination of power, privilege, and identity as it pertains to the larger society and filters down to the individual and the context that self perception is fundamentally nurtured within the communities and environments one thrives in (Bishop, 2002). To take or continue taking steps for engaging in such self evaluations, conference participants will be exposed to workshops grounded in Multicultural Education that will allow the student to be greater informed and to self reflect on issues pertaining to the inequities that permeate in this society due to the skewed power and privileges that dictate everyday life. The SJ&CC Conference at Rowan is therefore grounded in Multicultural and Social Justice Education that is geared towards introducing strategies that will enhance the students’ leadership skills. Register Now!





09:00am-09:30am  Continental Breakfast

09:45am-10:15am  Opening Remarks: Why Diversity is Important to You in the Workplace with Mr. Rueben Britt

10:30am-11:45am  Concurrent Workshop I

12:00pm-1:15pm    Concurrent Workshop II

1:30pm-2:45pm      Lunch with Speaker Joe Crispin

2:45pm-4:00pm      Table  Debrief-How I can use my new tools



· Entering Male-Dominated Career Sectors: Negotiation, Awareness, and Practices –JoAnna Murphy

· Micro-aggressions and You-Temple Jordan

· Safe Zone: Making Workplaces Welcoming for LGBTQ Individuals– Dr. Tiago Forin

* Cultural Competency in the Medical Field-Gardy Guiteau (*Reserved for Medical Students)

· For the Mics or for the Likes-Mr. James Wright

· Developing Allyship for the LGBT Community-Ms. Flora Ruli

· Big Dreams: Immigration Today-Gardy Guiteau