Multicultural Student Programs and Initiatives

Multicultural Student Programs and Initiatives

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Dining for Diversity

Dining for Diversity is an intergroup dialogue activity that takes place bi-weekly throughout the academic year. Topical events surrounding multiculturalism, diversity, and equity are discussed. University wide programming is developed that is conducted by students.


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Prison Industrial Complex Awareness

 The Multicultural Center will be hosting events throughout the academic year to bring greater awareness for the nature in which our prison sysetem has become a system of oppression and not rehabilitation.


Anti-Racism Coalition

The Anti-Racism Coalition at Rowan University meets monthly to engage faculty & staff participants in the work of anti-racism. This space, allows us to shift the responsibility for dismantling racism and systemic oppression from people of color to a collective burden as a community. We promote introspecitive exploration of personal biases, resource and toolkit development, action planning, and radical vulnerability. 

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Teaching the New Jersey Mandates

In 2002, the New Jersey Department of State passed The Amistad Bill (A1301) mandating that all NJ schools incorporate African-American history into their Social Studies curriculum. The Amistad Commission has developed an interactive web-based tool for prospective and current teachers to assist in creating lessons plans and raising practitioner’s cultural competency.