Changing Your Name in NJ

Changing Your Name in NJ

Changing Your Name in New Jersey

Each state has different laws that govern the name change process.  While Rowan will recognize your preferred name on campus, to have your legal name changed in New Jersey is a multi-step process.  For additional information please visit :

Here are the three main stages of the name change process:*

  1. Fill out necessary forms to send to the court with a $200 filing fee made payable to Treasurer, State of New Jersey and a self-addressed envelope. Forms include a complaint, an order fixing the date of your hearing, a final judgment, and a case information statement.
  2. When the court returns the complaint and order fixing the date of hearing to you, you will be informed of which local newspaper in which you must publish your plans to change your name. This is to inform the community of your name change and give residents the opportunity to attend the hearing to formally object. This is most likely in the case of attempted fraud or avoidance of debt. The newspaper must publish the date of your hearing at least two weeks before it takes place. You will have to provide the court with proof that appropriate parties were notified of your name change, including a confirmation from the publishing newspaper, or an Affidavit of Publication.
  3. You will appear in court at your hearing, and the judge will either grant or refuse to grant your name change. You will have to publish the final judgment in the newspaper within 20 days, which will cost an addition $10-12, and another Affidavit of Publication must be sent to the court, which costs an additional $15. You will then send copies of the certified final judgment to the Department of Treasury and the Registrar of Vital Statistics. You must notify the Department of Treasury within 45 days of the final judgment and include a $50 fee. You must also pay a $2 fee to the Registrar of Vital Statistics.

Every state and country has its own procedures, rules, and regulations. For those born in NJ, if you wish to order a corrected birth certificate, there is an additional $27 fee, and another $2 fee for each additional copy.  In order to change your NJ driver’s license, you must present a copy of the certified final judgment in person to the Motor Vehicle Commission within 2 weeks after the final judgment.

Please note, the description above is for changing your name on your birth certificate and driver’s license in NJ. If you are transitioning or have transitioned and want to change your sex on these documents, you can often do this at the same time.

*As adapted from The Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities at Rutgers University.