Trans at Rowan

Welcome to Trans at Rowan, our resource pages for transgender and non-binary students at Rowan University.  These pages contain some common resources utilized by students who identify under the transgender/non-binary umbrella.  The information includes Rowan’s Preferred Name Policy, How to Change Your Name in NJ, All Gender Restrooms, and Gender Inclusive Housing on campus.

Preferred/Affirming Names

At the start of the spring 2016 semester the University implemented the first phase of a process to enable students to use a preferred name, recognizing that many individuals use or prefer to be known by a name other than their legal name due to their gender identity, cultural background, or other aspects of their social or personal identity.

Request a Preferred Name

Students who wish to use a preferred name may now do so by completing an online request form at this link. Once approved, the preferred first and middle name will appear (1) in the phone and email directories, (2) on the Rowan ID card, (3) on Blackboard, and (4) on Canvas.

All Gender Restrooms

On the Glassboro Campus of Rowan University, all single occupancy restrooms have been converted to all-gender restrooms. The location of these facilities can be accessed here.

Changing Preferred Name in New Jersey

Each state has different laws that govern the name change process. While Rowan will recognize your preferred name on campus, to have your legal name changed in New Jersey is a multi-step process.

Gender Affirming Clothes Closet

The purpose of this service is to alleviate the often heavy financial burden of transitioning or coming out. While members of Rowan’s LGBTQIA+ community are given priority access to this resource, all Rowan students who have a need for this service may use it accordingly.

Gender Inclusive Housing Options

The Gender Inclusive Housing Option allows students to choose roommates and share bedrooms, suites, or apartments regardless of sex or gender. The purpose of this policy is to create a campus climate that is welcoming, inclusive, and supportive of all students.