Out and Ally Network

Out and Ally Network

Out and Ally Network

The faculty and staff listed here have committed themselves as allies to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer/questioning, and asexual/agender (LGBTQIA)+ community at Rowan University. This listing includes people of all sexual orientations and gender identities who have pledged to stand against heterosexism, homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia. The faculty and staff on this list have completed the University’s SafeZone training and have agreed to do their best to support and educate students and colleagues on LGBTQIA+ issues and available resources. Note that this list offers the University functions and locations of Out and Ally Network members. Additionally an asterisk will indicate that a particular member of the network has opted to be identified as an “out” member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Network Members Directory



Patrick Barbro is an Assistant Professor in the department of Marketing and Business Information Systems where he teaches Consumer Behavior and International marketing. Prior to joining Rowan, he did his undergraduate work at the University of Delaware, completed his MBA at St. Joseph’s University, and holds a PhD in Marketing from Temple University. His research is focused on consumer interactions with digital decision aids. When not at school, Dr. Barbro enjoys cooking, trying new restaurants, running a small wine club, and relaxing in Dewey Beach on summer weekends. His office is located in Business Hall.

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Anna Bassiri has been teaching at Rowan University since 2008 where she has taught Foundations for College Writing, Intensive College Composition I, and English as a Second Language Classes in the Pathways Program. Professor Bassiri holds a Master of Arts Degree in ESL and Bilingual Education from Georgetown University. Her research interests include methodologies for effective writing instruction for ESL students and multilingualism. Her office is located in Victoria Hall.

Sarah Borden

Sara Borden* is the archivist in University Archives and Special Collections (UASC), housed within Campbell Library. She is committed to maintaining UASC as the manifestation of Rowan's institutional memory, as well as working within her profession to make historic documents widely available and openly accessible in order to support social justice. She believes in making archives as inclusive as possible and hopes to encourage growth of empathy and knowledge across campus by doing so. Her office is located in the Campbell Library.


Rachel Budmen* is an Academic Advisor with University Advising Services. As an Academic Advisor, she supports the academic progress and career development of all students. She has also provided Academic Coaching to diverse student groups through the EOF/MAP Office and the Office of Disability Resources. She is an advocate of individuality. Her office is located on the 5th Floor of the Campbell Library.

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Harold C. Connolly Jr.* is an Out explorer of space, time, and the human experience. He is a professor of geology and Mission Sample Scientist of NASA's asteroid sample return mission, OSIRIS-REx. He also a member of the JAXA asteroid sample return mission, Hayabusa2. Dr. Connolly was a professor at CUNY for 15 years before joining the faculty at Rowan in 2016. He was a visiting professor at Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan in 2015. He studied Geology at Rutgers University where he earned all 3 of my degrees. Dr. Connolly's office is located in Rowan Hall.


Kristen diNovi is Assistant Dean of the Bantivoglio Honors Concentration, Honors College. She has been at Rowan since 2009 and has over 20 years of experience as a student advocate in a variety of advising and administrative roles. Dr. diNovi is highly committed to social justice and equity and serves on relevant committees that work to create a safe and inclusive environment for all members of the Rowan community. Her office is located in the Whitney Center, Honors Wing.

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Stephanie Farrell has been at Rowan since 1998 and is currently serving as the Interim Dean for the College of Engineering.  Stephanie is dedicated to promoting LGBTQ inclusion in engineering, cross-cultural factors affecting spatial visualization skills, conceptions of teaching among engineering faculty, and a cross-cultural study of the experiences of faculty who move from teacher-centered to learner-centered approaches. Dr. Farrell’s office is located in Rowan Hall.


Tara Ferrucci is the Managing Administrative Assistant in the Office of Social Justice, Inclusion, and Conflict Resolution at Rowan University. She interacts and assists a diverse group of students daily such as students of color and LGBTQIA+ students. Tara's office is located in Hawthorn Hall.


Stephen Fleming* currently serves as the Assistant Dean for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Prior to his work in academics, he has worked in Residence Life at Rowan University and the University of Delaware. Stephen is trained in student-centered practice and works to infuse such efforts in his role at Rowan. A graduate of Rowan for his Masters and Bachelors degrees, Stephen holds Rowan close to his heart and prioritizes the needs of students. In addition to his work at Rowan, Stephen does a martial art called Aikido, which he also teaches at the REC Center. His office is located in Bunce Hall.

Amy Hoch is the Associate Director of Counseling and Psychological Services located in the Wellness Center at Winans. In addition, she is a Co-Chair of the Sexual Violence Prevention Committee on campus. She is a strong advocate for social equity and holistic well-being which focuses on affirming all parts of a person's identity. 


Kara Ieva* is an Associate Professor in the Counseling in Educational Settings program at Rowan University. Kara teaches future school counselors, higher education leaders, and advocates through a social justice framework. Kara focuses on the academic, social-emotional, and career development of all students. Part of her work explores how to best support K-16 LGBTQIA+ students. Her office is located in James Hall.


Meredith Joppa is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology. Her research interests are in developing interventions to prevent risky behaviors in romantic relationships. She has experience working with HIV-infected youth and their families, as well as providing group interventions using affect management to target HIV and dating violence prevention for at-risk adolescents. Her office is located in Robinson Hall.


Kate Kedley* is an Assistant Professor in the College of Education. Kate teaches literacy classes for pre-service teachers, and Kate's research focuses on social justice education, including teaching in the Central American country of Honduras. Furthermore, Kate is also interested in studying graphic novels, Young Adult literature, and gender and sexuality in classrooms. Kates office can be found in James Hall.

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Jennifer Kitson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography, Planning, & Sustainability. She is an urban, cultural geographer with teaching and research interests the study of public life and space, placemaking, senses and the city, sustainable urbanism. Her research agenda in urban sensing investigates the ethical implications of different sensory practices and spaces in the making of just, hospitable, and sustainable communities. Her office is located in Robinson Hall.

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Adam J. Kolek is an Assistant Professor of Music Theory in the music department. He is the facilitator of the Faculty Learning Community in Cultural Competence and the chair of the music department's diversity committee. His research interests include culturally relevant pedagogy in music theory and faculty involvement in working towards inclusion and equity. His office is located in Wilson Hall.


Jody Russell Manning* teaches Modern European History with a focus on Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Working with many LGBTQIA+ communities, Manning specifically deals with the History of Sexuality and Nazism as well as the evolution of Holocaust memory and gay rights. Having shared his research with students and classrooms across the globe, Manning's academic interests include Holocaust History, Comparative Genocide, Racial Thought, History of Sexuality, as well as Memorials and Memory. His publications explore the continuing ramifications of genocide for contemporary society. His office is located in Robinson Hall.

bio pic  Deb Martin* is a Professor of Writing Arts. She served as faculty advisor to the former Gay/Straight Alliance and has co-facilitated Safe Zone workshops. Currently, Professor Martin mentors students through the Academic Success Center and is a member of the Cultural Competence Faculty Learning Community. Her research includes interviews with lesbian K-12 teachers to explore workplace climate, perceptions of teaching and the profession, constraints associated with sexual identity, and strategies used to optimize learning environments. Her office is located inside Victoria Hall. ​


Lindsay Mason provides counseling to students which includes affirming all parts of ones identify which may include, but is not limited to, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. As Coordinator of Outreach, Lindsay works to educate and inform students, faculty, and staff of LGBTQ+ issues and how they impact our university while working to increase knowledge and acceptance. Lindsay works out of the Wellness Center located in Winans Hall.

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Rory McElwee, PH.D is the Vice President of Student Affairs at Rowan University and provides administrative oversight for many academic support, transition, and access programs to assist all Rowan students with achieving their goals. Dr. McElwee taught psychology for many years at Rowan and other institutions. She is deeply concerned with social justice and views the gender binary as artificial and limiting. Dr. McElwee’s office is in the Student Affairs Department in Savitz Hall.


Jude Miller has been teaching in Rowan University's Writing Arts Department since 2009. He primarily teaches Sophomore Engineering Clinic and courses in the First-Year Writing sequence, including the online version of CCII. In addition to being the Course Coordinator for College Comp II, he serves on the steering committee for the New Jersey Writing Alliance, a volunteer-run, non-profit organization that holds an annual conference for writing teachers across NJ. In 2017 he received the College of Communication and Creative Arts Excellence in Service Award for Writing Arts. His office is in Victoria 513.

jo murphy 

JoAnna Murphy, Ph.D.,* is the Assistant Director for Women's and Inclusion Programs in the Office of Social Justice, Inclusion, and Conflict Resolution. For the past fifteen years, JoAnna has worked towards gender equity, working for the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department, and the Women's Center at Bowling Green State University before moving to New Jersey. She believes in the empowerment of self-identified LGBTQIA+ women and recognizes the issues individuals face based on their intersecting social identities, and wants to create space for change. Her office is located in Hawthorn Hall.


Nathaniel Nucci is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics & Astronomy with a research focus in molecular biophysics, and he is dedicated to improving opportunity equity in the STEM fields. This goal is important to him not only from a social justice perspective, but also from a scientific view because every problem can be more easily solved when a diverse set of minds are brought together. He has many years of experience with informal counseling of LGBTQIA+ students in the STEM fields. He is actively engaged in activities on Rowan's campus to improve inclusion and maximize opportunities for underrepresented STEM majors. His office is located in Science Hall.

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Allie Pearce is the assistant director of Healthy Campus Initiatives in the Wellness Center, where she focuses on the key content areas of sexual health education, sexual violence prevention, suicide prevention, mental health outreach, and alcohol and other drug education. She is the co-chair of the Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force, a member of the SMART crisis response team, and supervisor of several undergraduate and graduate interns in HCI. She works to improve the health education to students of all identities and empower them to seek out the wellness services that are the best fit for them.

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Beth Rey is an Associate Director with University Advising Services and has been with Rowan University since 2007. In this role, she is responsible for academic advising services in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Communication and Creative Arts, and the School of Earth and Environment. Beth serves on numerous committees on campus to consistently promote a safe and inclusive campus for all students. Her office is located in James Hall.

Dr. Mariano J. Savelski is the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs at Rowan University. He came to Rowan in 1999 as an assistant professor and one of the founding members of the college of engineering. In 2008, Mariano joined the Rowan Out and Ally Network and a few years later he also co-facilitated Safe Zone training workshops at the American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference.  Dr. Savelski's office is in Bole Hall.


Rachael Shapiro* is an Assistant Professor of Writing Arts. In more than ten years of teaching, she has actively mentored students representing a wide variety of intersectional identities. She serves on the Senate Diversity Committee and works for social justice across her teaching, research, and service at Rowan. Rachael's office is located in Victoria Hall.


Lauren Shryock is a Senior Academic Advisor for the Bantivoglio Honors Concentration. She has been at Rowan since January of 2017 and has over ten years of experience working in higher education in a variety of different advising roles. She is an advocate for all students and passionate about helping them achieve their goals. Her office is located in the Whitney Center.

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C. Stewart Slater is Professor and Founding Chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering in the Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering. Dr. Slater has thirty five years of experience as chemical engineering faculty, teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses at Manhattan College and Rowan University. He has experience advising small groups of students on research projects. Dr. Slater’s office is located in Rowan Hall.


Beena Sukumaran is an experienced leader in higher education serving as Vice President of Research at Rowan University. Beena is dedicated to creating a more inclusive and welcoming campus for all individuals including LGBTQ+ students, staff and faculty. She served as Department Head of Civil and Environmental Engineering for seven years and President's Fellow for Diversity and Inclusion before assuming her new role as Vice President for Research. Beena has dedicated her career to broadening the participation of underrepresented minorities and underserved groups in engineering while creating a more inclusive and welcoming space through pedagogical and admissions reform. Dr. Sukumaran can be found at the South Jersey Technical Park at Rowan University.


Andrew Tinnin* is the Associate Vice President for Student Life at Rowan University. He has worked with diverse student groups such as students of color, LGBTQ+ students, Greek organizations, student veterans, and non-traditional/adult learner students. Drew uses student-focused and collaborative approaches to coordinate new student orientation and provide students leadership opportunities. His office is located in the Chamberlain Student Center.


Melissa Ulmer is an Assistant Director for Marketing and Student Programs with the Chamberlain Student Center and Campus Activities. In this role she directly advises the Student University Programmers, Rowan's student programming board, as well as oversees all departmental marketing efforts, as well as all marketing initiatives for the building. Her office is located in the Chamberlain Student Center, Suite 220.


Ann Villinski* is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Coordinator for Gender and Sexual Diversities for Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS). Ann leads the LGBTQ+ Group at CPS and provides individual counseling for students who wish to explore self and community from diverse perspectives of gender identity and sexual orientation. Ann coordinates training, education, and programming efforts at and through CPS to promote awareness of LGBTQ+ issues as they relate to wellness. Ann works out of the Wellness Center located in Winans Hall.


MaryBeth Walpole* is Professor of Higher Education and Chair of the Educational Services and Leadership department at Rowan University. Her research interests focus on access and equity issues in higher education, particularly focused on students from low socioeconomic backgrounds and students of color. Her work has been published in several journals and she has authored a number of books. Her office is located in James Hall.


Regina Wilmes is the Associate Registrar for the School of Osteopathic Medicine. She has been an ally both in her personal and professional life since she was an undergraduate student, RA and Peer Counselor at Cornell University. Regina started working at the UMDNJ School of Osteopathic Medicine in 2004, and became the registrar in 2007. Regina’s office is located in the Academic Center on the Stratford campus.


Melissa Young is a licensed clinical social worker who received her Master of Social Work degree from the Widener University in 2011. Her areas of professional interest include trauma, anxiety, mood disorders, and working with families. Her theoretical orientation is integrative, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and Motivational Interviewing.


Tricia Yurak is the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs. Within that role, she works closely with the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Provost/Sr. Vice President for Academic Affairs regarding issues related to curriculum and academic policies. With her doctoral training in the field of Social Psychology, she has experience teaching both undergraduate and graduate students about concepts and issues related to stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, diversity, and inclusiveness. Dr. Yurak now extends that experience into her support for inclusivity among students, faculty, and staff across the university. Her office is located in Bole Hall.