LGBTQIA+ Initiatives

LGBTQIA+ Initiatives

LGBTQIA+ Initiatives

The LGBTQIA+ Center offers a number of programs and initiatives geared at building community, celebrating LGBTQIA+ people and their contributions, and training allies.

Programs and Initiatives

National Coming Out Week (NCOW)
Coming Out celebrates those who identify with the LGBTQIA+ community offers support to those struggling with their identity.  This week is an observance and celebration of LGBTQIA+ community at Rowan University with campus wide events produced in conjunction with student organizations.    

Trans Awareness Week
This week in mid-November is dedicated to bringing awareness of issues those in the Rowan Community who identify as transgender and gender non-conforming encounter.  Educational workshops and events are planned in collaboration with Rowan’s LGBTQIA+ student organizations.

Pride Week
Pride Week (in collaboration with Rowan’s LGBTQIA+ student organizations)

Trainings and Workshops

Safe Zone Training
Training is provided several times a year to provide an inclusive and welcoming environment to LGBTQIA+ students.

Advising of LGBTQIA student organizations
The LGBTQIA+ Center serves as a space for student organization E-Board and general meetings.  Staff will advise student organizations in addition to co-producing events.

Gender Inclusive Restrooms
There are several gender inclusive restrooms on campus for use by everyone.  Click here for a reference map.