Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board for the Office of Social Justice, Inclusion, and Conflict Resolution consists of a general council and six advisory committees. The general council and committees are comprised of Rowan University faculty and staff members who have demonstrated interest and experience in the office's articulated mission of promoting an inclusive university community where individuals are empowered to grow in their understanding of identity and social justice, and the skills needed to lead a more just society. These individuals are expected to develop a vested interest in the success, growth, and longevity of the office. Board members are not only invaluable in terms of the perspective and support that they provide to programmatic and administrative matters, but they also serve as advocates for offices at Rowan University and beyond.

General Council

  • Jay Chaskes
  • Travis Douglas
  • Roberta Harvey
  • Richard Jones
  • Deb Martin
  • Penny McPherson
  • Rory McElwee
  • David Rubenstein
  • Melissa Wheatcroft

Advisory Committees

Harley Flack Mentoring
  • James Coaxum
  • Julie Peterson
  • Penny McPherson
  • John T. Mills
  • Dawn Singleton
  • Undergraduate Student Representative

Interfaith and Spiritual Exploration Center

  • Jay Chaskes
  • Marc Fleischner
  • Donn Garby
  • Lori Marshall
  • John Mills
  • Julia Pizzuto-Pomaco
  • Patricia Quigley
  • Jennifer Rich
  • Isha Strasser
  • Michael S. Weiss
  • Undergraduate Student Representative 
Women's Center
  • Amy Hoch
  • Ane Johnson
  • Suhail Johnson
  • Allie Pearce
  • Julie Mallory
  • JoAnna Murphy
  • Chanelle Rose
  • Undergraduate Student Representative
  • Jay Chaskes
  • Elizabeth Cronin
  • Michele Pich
  • Stephanie Farrell
  • Drew Tinnin
  • Ann Villinski
  • Marybeth Walpole
  • Undergraduate Student Representative

Multicultural Center

  • John T. Mills
  • Sandra Joy
  • Lesley Mateo
  • JoAnna Murphy
  • Octavia Nash
  • Edward Wang
  • Undergraduate Student Representative