On Campus Uses

On Campus Uses

Where can I use my card on campus?

Academic Success Center

Savitz Hall

Use ID to sign-up for events and sign-in to confirm event attendance.


Art Department

Westby Hall

Use color printers available for students using printing funds.


Bursars Office

Savitz Hall

Deposit money for Rowan Bucks and have extra financial aid transferred to Rowan Bucks.


Food Services

Various Locations

Use your ID to gain access to all-access locations or to purchase meals at locations within different academic, administrative, and residential buildings. 


Foreign Language Department

Bunce Hall

Access the language lab to improve foreign language skills.


The Information Desk

Chamberlain Student Center

Report a lost or stolen ID, purchase a new student ID, and use ID for identification purposes while purchasing tickets for off-campus events.



Campbell Library

Use ID to gain access to the library, to pay for printing at printing and copying locations, and to borrow materials from the reference desk.



Chamberlain Student Center

Use ID for identification purposes to retrieve mail.


Rec Center

Recreation Center

Use ID to gain access to the gym.


Wellness Center

Winans Hall

Use your ID to sign in to services for the Counseling and Psychological Services Center or for Health Services.