General Liability

General Liability

General Liability

If you are aware of any incident that could result in a general liability claim against the University and its employees, an auxiliary organization, Club Sports team, or a Rowan student, please call Risk Management at  856-256-4370

Rowan University is a State of New Jersey Public Research University, maintaining status as a New Jersey public entity. As such, Rowan is subject to all of the provisions of the New Jersey Tort Claims Act (N.J.S.A. 59:1-1 et seq.) and the New Jersey Contractual Liability Act (N.J.S.A. 59:13-1 et seq.).

The State of New Jersey does not carry public liability insurance, but the liability of the State and the obligation of the State to be responsible for tort claims against its public entities and their respective employees, while acting within the scope of their duties, are covered under the terms and provisions of the New Jersey Tort Claims Act and subject to the availability of appropriations.

Therefore, any claims against Rowan University or its employees are referred to the State of New Jersey.

There are some exceptions to the protection provided to Rowan under the Tort Claims Act. Therefore, the University maintains a commercial policy of general liability insurance to cover the exception exposures. This insurance policy protects Rowan’s auxiliary organizations -- Student Government Association, Rowan University Foundation, South Jersey Technology Park, and Friends of Hollybush, Inc. (trading as Rowan Affiliated Services, Inc., “RASI”), as well as Rowan students while participating in approved educational programs and endeavors, student activities, and Club Sports. This policy of insurance also extends coverage for Special Events.

For covered claims, the general liability insurance policy provides defense and indemnification for allegations of bodily injury or property damage.

Should you receive any written correspondence or legal documents alleging injury or damage please immediately forward to the Rowan University Office of General Counsel. General Counsel and Risk Management will coordinate management of the matter.

See Certificates of Insurance to process evidence of insurance requests.

For more information regarding General Liability coverage, please contact Risk Management directly at 856-256-4370.