Cyber Liability

Cyber Liability

Cyber Liability Insurance

The University maintains an Information Security and Privacy Liability policy that extends to Rowan University, its schools, colleges, and auxiliary organizations. This policy covers damage caused by a security breach or loss/dissemination of sensitive or private information, and provides a resource for compliance and monitoring requirements. This comprehensive policy extends coverage for:

  • Liability or damages to third parties
  • Regulatory matters
  • Data Recovery
  • Cyber Extortion
  • Media Content violations, including trademark infringement, trade dress violations and defamation
  • Crisis Management including Forensic Investigators and Privacy Counsel
  • Notification/credit monitoring

Reporting Requirements:

Departments are to report incidents or breaches immediately (within 24 hours) to the Information Resources & Technology (IRT) Security Office and the Office of Ethics, Compliance, and Corporate Integrity in accordance with the University’s Security Incident Management Policy.

Incidents include, but are not limited to: virus or malware attacks, any intrusions of the University’s network, DDoS attacks, lost or stolen technology AND/OR records where there is a POSSIBILITY of sensitive data being compromised, accidental disclosure of sensitive information to an unauthorized third party, any threats received via any means against the University which involves its networks, records, or databases, and any Cease and Desist orders relating to anything published on any Rowan web page.

The Information Security Office and/or the Office of Ethics, Compliance, and Corporate Integrity will notify Risk Management immediately upon report of a potentially covered event and provide essential loss information.

Risk Management will process covered claims with the insurance company and manage the claim through conclusion. The insurer provides crisis management response services and consultants that will assist in remaining compliant with applicable statutes and minimize risk of litigation and/or fines. This process requires timely collaboration by departments and colleagues affected in order to be effective.

All demands, claims, or legal notices filed by a court, administrative agency or investigative body should be immediately provided to the Rowan University Office of General Counsel.  Counsel will forward to Risk Management as appropriate.

For additional information related to Cyber Liability, please call Risk Management at 856-256-4370.