Spring 2020 Pass / No Credit

Spring 2020 Pass / No Credit

Pass / No Credit Option for Spring 2020

Due to the emergency move to remote learning in spring 2020, Rowan implemented an expanded option for most students (excluding those in DO, MD, or PhD programs) to choose P/NC grades instead of letter grades for their spring 2020 courses. While the ability for students to select this through the Self-Service Banner function ended on June 15, students can continue to elect the P/NC option for their spring 2020 courses by the method listed below. If you previously selected P/NC but wish to revert to the original letter grade, you may submit those requests using the same method.

The final date for any changes to spring 2020 grades for P/NC is December 18, 2020. Please be sure to consult with your advisor regarding this issue.

Note: This extended process excludes those whose degrees have been conferred, as those academic records become locked at conferral. For more information and FAQs about the Extended P/NC option, see our Pass / No Credit FAQs for Spring 2020

To elect the P/NC option, email registrar-records@rowan.edu from your Rowan student email account with this information for each course:


Student Name (Last, First):

Banner ID#:

Spring 2020 Course






Earned letter grade:

P/NC choice: