Clery Travel Form

Clery Travel Form

Confirmation of Off Campus Domestic/International Student Trip/Academic Space Use 

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (“Clery Act”) requires Rowan University to report publicly on any crimes that occur on University premises - a requirement that includes rental properties and University sponsored trips to off-campus locations under certain circumstances.  University personnel who are responsible for students on University-sponsored trips (both domestic and international) are considered “Campus Security Authorities (“CSAs”) under the law, and are legally obligated to report those crimes.

To comply with the law, this form MUST be completed for ANY University sponsored trip off campus travel that involves either:

  • the rental of a room or facility (excluding lodging) for any length of time and
  • or lodging for two or more nights
  • or lodging for only one night if there is repeated use by our students (for example: stay in that same hotel/lodging each year)


Key considerations to ask yourself for “Trips to Off-Campus Locations”:

  • If travel is involved, this is a Rowan University sponsored trip? (To report, the trip must be sponsored by Rowan University)
  • We need to know if there is a written agreement of any type? (Indicate on reporting form)
  • Is this a repeated use of a location for Rowan sponsored trips? (For example if Rowan sponsors students on an overnight trip every year and our students stay in the same hotel each year, it must be reported)
  • If the host institution make all of the housing arrangements for our visiting students? (Please explain details on the arrangements in space provided on this reporting form)

Field trips: You are not required to report on day field trips  (not overnight)

Please answer every question, if unknown please enter "unknown" or N/A.

This form MUST be completed for ANY trip that involves EITHER (1) the rental of a room or facility (excluding lodging) for any length of time OR (2) lodging for two or more nights OR (3) lodging is for ONLY one night but it is a repeated use of the same site each year.

Questions can be asked via email or 856-256-4562.

  • Is this a Rowan University sponsored trip?*
  • Because the law imposes legal responsibilities on the CSA, the CSA should know what those obligations are. Has the CSA had the University's CSA Training within the past 12 months?*
  • Has your Department/Group used this location before?*
  • Is there a written agreement (rental contract) with this space/site?*
  • Did the host institution make housing arrangements for our visiting student (no Rowan involvement)*