Community Program

Community Program

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English Language Community Program

The Rowan University English Language Community Program (ELCP) is designed to help U.S. residents, non-native speakers of English improve their English skills for career advancement opportunities, a better financial situation and advanced education.

This program has had a history of over 50 years helping students from non-English speaking countries all over the world and have had great careers in the U.S. and other countries.

The English Language Community Program has five levels: Level 1 (Low Beginner), Level 2 (High Beginner), Level 3 (Low Intermediate), Level 4 (High Intermediate) and Level 5 (Advanced). After taking the placement test, you will be placed in the level that best suits your knowledge of the English language. 

Class topics include:

  • Academic Reading
  • Academic Writing
  • Listening & Speaking/Pronunciation
  • Oral Presentations
  • Grammar




Start/End Dates

Tuition for In-person Classes on Camden Campus (includes textbooks)

Tuition for In-person Classes on Campus (includes textbooks)

Tuition for
Online Live Classes through Zoom

Summer-1 (6 weeks)

May 9 – June 16, 2022




Summer-2 (6 weeks)

June 27 –        August 4, 2022




Summer 1+2 (12 weeks)

May 9 –    August 4, 2022




If you are interested, please complete the Application and return it to us today at

The English Language Program
Rowan University
Glassboro, New Jersey, USA

The English Language Program is a proud member of EnglishUSA and UCIEP