Myths & Helpful Hints!Let's

Myths & Helpful Hints!Let's

Busting the Myths!

I can't afford to study abroad
Rowan offers programs for many different budgets! Short-term programs are more affordable so check out our summer programs, January term programs and our Faculty-Led programs. Also, you can use all of your financial aid on our exchange programs. You can use federal aid/loans on provider programs. 
Study Abroad won't fit in my major
While it may be more difficult for some majors to study abroad, that doesn't mean it's impossible. If you have free electives to complete at Rowan, then you can study abroad. Early planning is crucial so it's best that you come into our office as a freshman to begin discussing your ability to study abroad. 
Study Abroad will delay my graduation
We do everything we can to ensure that your graduation date is not delayed! We work with your academic advisor so that you're taking coursework that marks off equivalents toward your graduation requirements. Although there are cases where studying abroad can delay graduation, that is not the majority. 


Helpful Hints!

  • Plan EARLY, EARLY, EARLY! It's always best to come into our office at some point during your freshman year, or your sophomore year.
  • Save your free electives & Rowan Core Courses
  • Give yourself a year to prepare. You will complete the application one semester before you plan to be abroad. 
  • Talk to you academic advisor about your desire to study abroad. 


What to expect

You will have to complete your Rowan application by the deadlines . You will also have to complete an application for your provider/exchange program. Please allow yourself several weeks to complete these applications. The Rowan application requires that you sign and complete several forms, obtain 2 recommendations, obatin course approvals and write an essay. Be sure to give yourself enough time to complete these tasks by the deadline. 


Now that you're informed, you can start the application process by clicking here