Eligibility & Deadlines

Eligibility & Deadlines

What You Need to Know


  • 2.5 GPA (Please note: This is Rowan’s GPA requirement. Your program provider/university may have a different GPA requirement.
  • 30 credits completed
  • Be in good judicial standing


Application Deadlines

Fall Applications: March 26th

Spring/J-term Applications: September 26th

Summer Applications: March 1st


Schedule an appointment with the Education Abroad Advisor

Go To: www.rowan.edu/rsn    

1. Login to RSN

2. Click “Services” at the top of your RSN homepage

3. Scroll to and click on Education Abroad Office

4. Beside my name, click “Schedule Appointment”

5. Move through the calendar using the mini calendar tool located in the left column.    All dates with availability will be bold

6. Available meeting times will have a “Sign Up” link. Click this link to make an    appointment for that time and select a reason for the appointment from the drop-down menu

7. In the Detailed Description box, include your Banner I.D. and Cell Phone number, as well as details regarding what you’d like to discuss during your appointment

8. Click “Submit” to finalize your appointment. You will receive an email confirmation for your appointment.


What to expect

You will have to complete your Rowan application by the deadlines listed above. You also have to complete an application for your partner organization/university. Please allow yourself several weeks to complete these applications. The Rowan application requires that you sign and complete several forms, obtain 2 recommendations, pay the $100 application fee and write an essay. Be sure to give yourself enough time to complete these tasks by the deadline.