Photo Contest

Photo Contest

Hey Students!

It's time again for a Photo Contest! Our office is looking for high quality photos that we can use for our marketing materials. 

**1st place winner will get $100 gift card and 
**2nd/3rd place will get will cool Rowan gear

1. Entries must be taken within the 2019 school year on your study abroad program.
2. Final day to enter is January 20th, 2020
3. Limit 3 entries per student
4. Pick a category for your photo:
        a. Live Like a Local: Highlight your home away from home! Share how you connected with the culture you were living in – whether through new friends and host families, experiencing food and cultural traditions, or discovering your very own corner of town! Here are some ideas to get you started:
                 Favorite Spots in Town
                 Homestays & Housing
                 Friendships Abroad
                 Cultural Traditions & Holidays

        b. Profs Abroad: Wear or hold your Rowan gear, hold up Rowan pennants, or anything for us to see that you’re showing off your RowanPROUD spirit wherever you are in the world!

        c. Global Classroom: Your classroom abroad may have look different than studying here at Rowan. Show us what classes and campus life look like on your program! Here’s some options to consider:
                 Research Labs or Projects
                 Internship Sites
                 Campus Events & Buildings
                 Student Organizations

        d. Postcard Perfect: Have a postcard quality photo from your time abroad that doesn’t fit into any of these categories? Enter it here and share why it’s meaningful to your experience abroad!

1. Follow @rowanabroad on Instagram (you must be following us to win)
2. Tag your pictures to @rowanabroad and use #rowanabroad AND #rowaneverywhere (pictures have to be tagged to be considered)
3. Email your original photo to (jpg files only please)
            Include the following information in your email:
            1. Your Name    2.Study Abroad Location    3.Study Abroad Term    4. Picture Category

If you have any questions just let us know.  We're looking forward to seeing what you send in!


The Education Abroad Office