Wage Verify

Wage Verify


Welcome to WAGEverify, your new Employment and Income Verification Service

Population: All US Employees

The Office of Human Resources is pleased to announce we are using a third party employment verification service WAGEverify.  In the event that you would need to verify employment, WAGEverify will help expedite the process of employment verification as it is available to verify 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   

This automated process is intended for:

  1. Commercial and business applications, such as mortgage applications, property leases, credit card applications, and pre-employment screening.
  2. Social Service qualified assistance agencies, such as Medicaid, SSI / SSDI, SNAP, TANF, Child Support, and Public Housing.

For Rowan University Verifiers:

All verifiers will create an account on the website (www.wageverify.com)

  1. Once their account is approved, they will need to search the employment records for the specific staff member by using their SSN.
  2. If there are any questions or concerns: please utilize the support lines. Phone: 866.927.5993 or Email: Support@Wageverify.com


Implemented March 12th, 2020