Transfer Students

Transfer Students

Transfer Student Experience

Welcome transfer!

The Residential Learning and University Housing office would like to congratulate you on your decision to join the Rowan University community. Students transferring into Rowan University have the opportunity to live in campus housing. Those seeking to live in campus housing will need to fill out the housing application in order to move forward with getting a housing assignment.  

Do I have to live in campus housing? 

Rowan University has a mandatory housing policy for students in their first or second year at the institution, requiring students to live in campus housing. However, there are criteria that excuse transfer students from this policy. For example: if a student is over 21 years old, or will be transferring in more 58+ credits. For more information on the mandatory housing policy, please click here. 

How do I apply for housing? 

  • How to apply for Housing
    • Log
    • Click on the “Housing Applications & Forms” tab on the left side of the screen
    • Select the “Fall 2022-Spring 2023 Housing Intention Form”
    • Select the "Apply to live on campus" option
    • Respond to the questions
    • Click Continue
    • Review/updat your address and Emergency Contact information
    • Click Continue

How do I pick a roommate?

Transfer students are able to mutually match with other incoming transfers as long as:
  • Both are incoming transfer students (cannot be a current student or incoming first year student)
  • Both students have completed the housing application
  • Requests are made and accepted before the roommate matching deadline 
Beyond this deadline, transfers are unable to make roommate requests. While we work to accomodate every match possible, please keep in mind that roommate matches are NOT GUARANTEED by the University. 
Steps Students Should Follow To Mutually Select Roommate(s):
  • Log into 
  • Click on “Room Selection” 
  • Click on “Roommates/Suitemates” 
  • Select “Fall 2022” from the drop down
  • Search for desired roommate 
  • Remember your roommate request(s) must verify/accept the request via MyHousing for the group to be fully matched.

Where will I live on campus? 

Rooms may be single or double occupancy within 4, 6, or 8 person apartments. All buildings are co-ed and offer single gender suites/apartments, and the option of Gender Inclusive Housing as well. All spaces are fully furnished with a bed, dresser, desk and closet or wardrobe space for each student. Most rooms are carpeted. Non-carpeted rooms may be requested on a space-available basis. Air-conditioning is standard in all apartments except Triad. Internet as well as cable services are included.

For more information on housing options, please click here. 

Students with medical needs that necessitate housing accomodation will need to work with the Academic Success Center. Their office can be reached at: | (856) 256-4259.