Move-out Details

Spring 2023 Move-out

It is MANDATORY for each resident to complete the check-out process described below within the stated time frame.

Important Dates:

Last day of final exams: Friday, May 5th.

All residents who are not graduating and do not have an approved check-out extension: should check-out within 24 hours of their last exam, or by noon on May 6th, whichever comes first.

Graduating residents or residents working Commencement Ceremonies- Graduating residents and Commencement Ceremony workers are expected to move out 24 hours after their commencement ceremony or by noon on May 12th, whichever comes first)

Summer 2023 Residents who are transitioning to summer housing on May 13th- You are permitted to remain in your Spring assignment until May 13th, as long as that is the start of your summer housing contract. Additional Information about Summer Housing



  • You are a graduating resident and/or are an active participant/staff for Commencement ceremonies (see section below for instructions pertaining to graduating students), OR
  • You will be transitioning directly into your summer housing assignment (requires summer housing application) on Saturday, May 13, OR
  • You have an approved extension for any other reason.


All Graduating Residents and Commencement Staff will follow the checkout schedule below:

Official LATEST Deadline to Checkout for Graduates and Commencement staff: Friday, May 12th @ noon.

Commencement Week- Saturday, May 6th to Thursday, May 11th: Graduating Residents are expected to move out of their space within 24 hours of your Commencement ceremony. For those students with a ceremony on May 11th, or any student who is on campus working in some capacity for the commencement ceremonies, the last day to complete your move-out process is Friday, May 12th by noon.


Follow these links to a quick reference Move-Out Checklist for specific buildings:


Move-Out Instructions For Buildings WITH KEYS

  1. Remove all belongings and trash from your room
  2. To leave your space in the proper condition, follow the steps outlined on the check-out checklist
  3. Visit your building or complex’s key drop box location to return your key:
  • Chestnut – Mounted to the wall by the TV in the main lounge by the pillars
  • Edgewood Park – Mounted to brick wall between 401 and 404
  • Mimosa – Mounted to the wall in the foyer of the main entrance
  • Townhouses – Mounted to the hallway wall beyond the mailboxes in the Community Center
  • Whitney – Mounted to the wall in the main lobby
  • Willow - Mounted to the wall inside stairwell A
  • Nexus Properties - Keys and Fobs should be returned to the Front Desk at 220 Rowan Blvd

    4. Fill out the the pre-labeled envelope located at the drop box and seal your key inside.
    5. Place your filled key envelope in the drop box.

**If if your key is not returned, YOU WILL BE CHARGED the appropriate lock change fee.** 


Move-Out Instructions For Buildings WITHOUT KEYS (Holly Pointe Commons, Rowan Blvd.):

  • Empty your room/apartment of all personal belongings, including all trash.
  • Follow the steps outlined on the check-out checklist, which can be found here.
  • Complete the on-line check-out process to communicate your departure by following these steps:
    • Log into
    • Click on Personal Information>>MyInfo>>Select Spring 2023 for the term
    • Answer the following question "Current Spring 2023 Residents Only: I have moved out of my Spring 2023 housing assignment." as "Yes" and click "save"

Nexus Properties 

  • If you are a resident of Nexus Properties, YOU WILL NEED TO RETURN YOUR KEY AND FOB TO THEIR OFFICE AT 220 ROWAN BLVD. Failure to do so will result in a replacement charge being assessed to your student account. 
  • The Spring move-out timeline is the same for Nexus residents as it is for all other buildings.
  • Move-out instructions provided by Nexus management for all Spring Nexus residents. 


If you are a current Spring 2023 resident and have applied for summer housing with the earliest start date of May 13th, you will be able to move into your summer housing assignment on Saturday, May 13th between 10AM - 2PM.

**If for any reason your summer assignment is not prepared for you to move into on May 13th, you will be permitted to remain in your Spring assignment until the summer space is ready. This will be communicated to you by RLUH staff via your Rowan email.** 

You will be permitted to remain in your Spring 2023 housing assignment as a late check-out extension, as long as you have a processed summer housing application and have received your housing assignment information. You do not need to submit a checkout extension request. Your processed summer housing application will be sufficient.

Please monitor your Rowan email for information about your summer housing assignment dates and move-in information.

 Late Stay Requests

Late Stay requests are due by Sunday, April 23rd at 11:59 pm. Requests submitted after this date cannot be considered. Residential Learning and University Housing will respond to your request via your Rowan email address. Please note that it may not be possible to approve all extension requests based on the location of your spring housing assignment and the operational need to have the buildings vacant by the posted closing date. Extension requests should be limited to only very extenuating circumstances, which still may not be possible to accommodate.

Residents should plan to vacate their spring assignment by the closing dates posted above. 

For students who fall into one or more of the below categories, a checkout extension will automatically be noted and approved by the RLUH office so the individual student should not submit a request to stay later. The advisor or coordinator of your program will provide our office with the approved list of students and our office will automatically approve your extension. You will be sent a notification via email the week of April 24th stating the date you are approved to remain on campus.

Groups that will be approved and do not need to submit a checkout extension via MyHousing


-EMS assisting with Spring Commencement

-Graduating Seniors (including those who are only walking in the Commencement ceremony)

-Pep Band assisting with Spring Commencement

-PROs assisting with Spring Commencement

-Community Assistants

-RCGC students


-Summer School (Session I or II)


-Women’s Lacrosse

For students that do not fall into one of the above categories but need to request an extension due to significant extenuating circumstances, please follow the below instructions:

How a student submits a checkout extension request:

  • Log into
  • Click on Housing Applications & Forms from the top menu
  • Selection "Spring 2023 Checkout Extension Form (Spring 2023)" from the dropdown menu
  • Answer the questions
  • When you successfully complete the form, you will see a screen that states "Thank you for submitting your application".

Meal Plans 

  • The last day to use your meal swipes and dining dollars is May 5th.
  • Any dining dollars that remain on your account after May 5th will be forfeited.
  • The Owl’s Nest, in the Student Center, will remain open between the hours of 11 AM – 2 PM from May 8th – May 12th and will accept Rowan Bucks or debit/credit.
  • Rowan Bucks can be used year round at all participating vendors.
  • For any questions regarding your meal plan, email