Fall Closing 2019

Fall Closing 2019

Fall Closing 2019

All traditional residence halls will officially close for winter break Thursday, December 19, 2019 at 12:00 p.m.

Any residents not approved to stay for winter break are required to leave their residence hall within 24 hours of their last final exam or no later than December 19th, whichever comes first. 

Fall Closing Procedures (Traditional Halls)

If you are returning for the Spring semester, you do not need to remove your belongings from the room and you will keep your key with you over the break. DO NOT LOSE THEM!! (A lost key will result in a lock change charge).

Students not returning to the same assignments in the spring for any reason (cancellation, room change, commuting, etc), will need to schedule a full check out with a member of the building staff, complete a check out inspection and turn in their key.  The purpose of the inspection is to ensure the space has been emptied of all student belongings and the room is left in a reasonable condition in anticipation of receiving a new resident. 

  • RAs and other building staff will be available to conduct full check outs during finals week between Thursday, December 12th and Thursday, December 19th at noon.
  • If students plan to check out on a date from December 12th – December 16th, they will contact a staff member between 10 AM – 10 PM by calling the RA duty phone number for the building.
  • Between December 17th – December 18th, staff will be located in the hall office between 10 AM – 10 PM.
  • On December 19th, staff are available in the hall office until noon to complete full check outs.
  • If a resident needs to check out of their room or apartment prior to the start of finals on December 12th, they should contact the RD to make those arrangements. 

Check out Extensions

If you planned to leave later, than 12:00pm on Thursday, December 19th, or have extenuating circumstances causing you to need to stay later, you will need to request a Checkout Extension via your MyHousing portal. You can find more information here

Winter Break Housing

Traditional Residence Halls:

As stated, all traditional campus residence halls (Chestnut, Magnolia, Willow, Mimosa, Evergreen, Mullica, and Holly Pointe Commons) are officially closed for winter break, beginning 12 p.m on Thursday, December 19th. Residents who need to remain in their assignment  can officially request to do so by completing the Winter Housing Request.  The deadline to submit is Friday, December 13, 2019.

Apartment Complexes:

The aprtment complexes do not close during winter break. Students residing in any of the apartment complexes (Edgewood Park, Triad, Townhouses, Rowan Boulevard, International House, and Whitney) are permitted to stay on campus but must submit the Winter Housing Request

**Please note that no campus dining services are available during the break period. Certain building services, such as maintenance to common area restrooms and lounge spaces will be reduced. Also, building RA staffing for the duration of the winter break will be decreased. Students that remain on campus should be cognizant that various maintenance and housekeeping focused projects may be taking place within their residence halls.**


During the Break

Building walk-throughs and entry into student rooms/apartments:

For the purpose of building safety and security, authorized staff from RLUH will complete walk-throughs of every room and apartment on campus as part of routine fall closing and spring opening procedures. The intent of these walk-throughs is to verify things such as windows and doors being closed and locked, thermostats being set appropriately for the winter, and vacant spaces ready to receive a new resident. Most of these walk- throughs will take place between Thursday, December 19th and Saturday, December 21st. However, to prepare for the start of the spring term, RLUH staff will also conduct walk-throughs of rooms and apartments in January, prior to move-in weekend. In addition, Facilities maintenance personnel and/or contractors may need to access rooms and apartments over the break to address maintenance or repair initiatives. Housekeeping staff will also be entering partially occupied rooms to clean and prepare the vacant furniture for a new spring resident. 

Vacancy Inspections

Any shared space with a current vacancy or  new vacancy for the spring 2020 semester resulting from a full check out, will have a vacancy inspection conducted.  The purpose of this inspection is to verify  the space in an acceptable condition to welcome a new resident in the spring.  Students will be sent an email after Thanksgiving informing them that they fall into one or both of these categories, so they can expect the vacancy inspection, which will be conducted by RA staff prior to the end of closing week, Thursday, December 12th and Thursday, December 19th at noon.

**Please note, shared occupancy bedrooms with a vacancy will be cleaned over winter break by housekeeping staff. It is imperative that the remaining resident not spread out so that this process can be completed efficiently.**