Spring 2020 Move-in

Spring 2020 Move-in

Spring 2020 Move-in

The following information about the Spring 2020 residential move-in process applies to all buildings except Holly Pointe Commons and the Nexus properties. 

Holly Pointe Commons has a more structured 2-day move-in process for the purpose of spreading out equally the arrival of the large number of residents. Holly Pointe residents must choose an arrival appointment time from available time slots for Sunday and Monday of Move-in Weekend. Please visit this link for full details associated with the Holly Pointe Commons Spring move-in process.

Spring 2020 move-in processes for all on-campus residents (not Holly Pointe) are scheduled for Sunday, January 19th and Monday, January 20th  from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Check-in locations will be staffed at each building during these listed dates and times. Classes are scheduled to begin on Tuesday, January 21st. 

Returning to the same room/apartment from the Fall? (This includes residents who remain on campus for the Winter break)

Residents who are returning to a room or apartment with a key must report directly to their assigned building to check in with the building staff and present their room/apt key for verification. This will complete your check-in process for the Spring. If you no longer have your key to your room or apartment, please see building staff immediately upon return to complete your check in process and submit a request for a lock change. Residents returning to rooms or apartments with card access on your doors do not need to check-in with staff. Your process will be completed by using data associated with your card access into your room.

Moving into a new room or apartment, or are you new to campus housing for the Spring?

New residents, or students who are returning to campus to a new housing assignment must visit their check-in location to complete the check-in process. After 4:00 pm, your building office will post the number for the RA on Duty to be available to check you in. But we do ask that you make every effort to move in during the scheduled times. If you need to move in after Monday, January 20th, you should visit the RLUH Office on the ground floor of Savitz Hall between 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM.

The designated check-in locations are listed below for each complex:

Building-Check in Location:




Chestnut Hall

Chestnut Hall Lounge

Chestnut Parking Lot

Magnolia Hall

Willow Hall Office

Edgewood Parking Lot

Willow Hall

Willow Hall Office

Edgewood Parking Lot

Mimosa Hall

Mimosa Hall Lounge

Parking Lot W

Evergreen Hall

Evergreen Hall Lounge

Trustee Drive (Entrance from Lot P off Whitney Ave.)

Mullica Hall

Evergreen Hall Lounge

Trustee Drive (Entrance from Lot P off Whitney Ave.)

Edgewood Park 

EPA Office (400 building)

Edgewood Parking Lot

Triad Apartments

Triad lobby

Triad Parking Lot


Community Center

Townhouse Parking Garage or adjacent parking

Rowan Blvd Apartments

Office- between 1000 and 2000 Wings.

Rowan Blvd parking garage (ground floor to unload, then immediately move car to permanent parking)

Whitney Center

Office-2nd floor to the left as you exit the elevators

Whitney rear parking or Rowan Blvd garage ground floor (unload and then immediately move car to permanent parking)


A map of the main campus and reference guide to parking can be found online at www.rowan.edu/maps

IMPORTANT NOTE: Rowan Boulevard, Whitney Center, and Triad Apartments are the only buildings equipped with elevators. A limited amount of wheeled moving carts will be available at the check-in locations for students to use. However, volunteer move-in assistants are not available for the Spring process as they were for the Fall term. Please plan accordingly. Some residents have found it helpful to bring hand-trucks or dollies with them to assist moving belongings from their vehicle to their building.

Bursar Bills

Please keep in mind that all outstanding billing charges must be taken care of and cleared prior to check in weekend. The Bursar’s office will also be open from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Sunday, January 19th to assist students with any inquiries.


Meningitis Vaccination Compliance

For the safety of Rowan University Students an up-to-date meningitis immunization is required of ALL students prior to moving into campus residence halls.  Your immunization and health records were due on July 15th (December 15th for Spring admission).  By law, students will not be issued a key or card access on move-in day if the records of the Rowan University Wellness Center indicate you have not submitted proper documentation of vaccination. You will be allowed to transfer your belongings into your assigned room, but will not be allowed to reside in university housing until you have satisfied the meningitis vaccination requirement. The Wellness Center will be open during normal business hours Monday thru Friday to submit documentation and receive proof of meningitis clearance. Due to Health Information Privacy restrictions, the Residential Learning and University Housing Office cannot accept medical records prior to or on move-in weekend, so please submit any health records directly to the following location:

The Wellness Center at Winans Hall is located at 201 Mullica Hill Road Glassboro, NJ 08028-1701

Telephone: 856-256-4333 and Fax: 856-256-4427  Email: wellnesscenter@rowan.edu

Because of limited available staffing resources at the Wellness Center on move-in weekend, please be sure to check the status of your meningitis compliance records prior to arrival to campus if you should have any concerns about your eligibility to reside in campus housing. 

The Offices of Financial Aid and The Bursar will be open Sunday, January 19th from 9am - 3pm. They are located in Savitz Hall, First Floor.