Fall Move-in

Fall Move-in

Fall Move-in

An introduction to Fall move-in details can be found below. Check back for additional details!

Prior to Move-in

The following items must be completed prior to you moving in:

  • Your fall bill must be paid – See the Bursar’s Office with any additional questions (856-256-4150) or online.
  • You must have all vaccination paperwork in to Health Services – See Health Services with any additional questions (856-256-4333) or online. (New Students only)

University Housing Move-In Information

Detailed Move-in Guides (download/print):

Will be available Summer 2018.

Fall University Housing Move-in Schedule (Residents in Nexus Properties will receive Nexus-specific information):

Thursday, August 30, 2018

  • Move-in Student Volunteers Check-in
  • New Student Orientation Move-In

Friday, August 31, 2018

  • Holly Pointe Move-in Day 1: First-Year Students by appointment

Saturday, September 1, 2018

  • Remaining First Year Student Move-in Day- All traditional halls
  • Holly Pointe Move-in Day 2: First-Year Students by appointment

Sunday, September 2, 2018

  • Rowan Boulevard Move-in Day 1 (By appointment)-
  • Whitney Center Move-in Day (By appointment)
  • Upperclass Student Move-in Day

Monday, September 3, 2018

  • Rowan Boulevard Move-in Day 2 (By appointment)

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

First Day of Fall 2017 Classes

Rowan Boulevard & Whitney Center Move-in Appointments

Due to the large number of students and/or limited vehicle space, Rowan Boulevard and Whitney residents (who are not associated with an early move-in group, such as Fall Athletics) are asked to check in to their buildings utilizing an arrival appointment time system. Residents will receive an e-mail during the month of July to their Rowan e-mail address with details on how to select a move in time. Please make sure you select your move in appointment by deadline listed in the emailed instructions. Students who do not select an appointment time by the deadline will be assigned one.

Rowan Blvd residents will be moving in on Sunday, September 2nd or Monday, September 3rd and Whitney resdients will be moving in on Sunday, September 2nd. Please note that appointment time selection is on a first come first serve basis and there will be no additions to the time slots once the time slot is closed. The purpose of the appointment time system is to spread out the arrival of all the residents to allow for a smooth and safe move-in process.

Holly Pointe Commons Move-in Appointments

Holly Pointe Commons residents who are NOT associated with an Early Move-In group (sucah as Fall Athletics) or the Early Drop and Go Program will be provided an appointment time to move in via their Rowan e-mail address during early August. Appointment times are generated based on your assigned housing location within the complex, strategically spread out for each appointment so as to not overload building access points.

First-Year Holly Pointe resident move-in process is scheduled for Friday, August 31st or Saturday, September 1st. Residents will receive an arrival time for the vehicle staging area for one of those two dates based on their housing assignment. 

Upper-class resident move-in process is scheduled for Sunday, September 2nd. Residents will receive an arrival time for the vehicle staging area for that date based on their housing assignments.

Please monitor your Rowan email and check back over the summer weeks on this website for important information about move in. 

Holly Pointe Commons Early Drop and Go Program

Residential Learning and University Housing is offering first-year students the opportunity to participate in an Early Drop-Off program on a first-come, first-serve basis. This is not an early move in day as residents will not be permitted to remain in their room. However, this is an opportunity to move your belongings into your room earlier than the bulk of Holly Pointe Commons first-year residents and avoid the traffic rush of regular move-in days. Another purpose of the Early Drop and Go Program is to eliminate the need for about 300 students and their vehicles to go through the normal move in process. It makes the volume of students who need to complete the full move-in process more manageable on move-in weekend. More information about the Holly Pointe Early Drop and Go Program will become available and posted near the end of June, shortly after housing assignments are released. 

Building Parking & Unloading Zones:


Check-in Location

Parking Zone

Chestnut Hall

Chestnut Hall Courtyard

Chestnut Parking Lot

Magnolia Hall

Magnolia Hall Lounge

Edgewood Parking Lot

Willow Hall

Willow Hall Lounge

Edgewood Parking Lot

Mimosa Hall

Mimosa Hall Courtyard

Lot W

Evergreen Hall

Evergreen Lounge

Trustee Drive (Entrance from Lot P off Whitney Ave.)

Mullica Hall

Mullica Lounge

Lot T

Edgewood Park Apartments

Edgewood Park Office - 400 building

Edgewood Parking Lot


Townhouse Community Center

Townhouse Parking Garage & Surrounding Parking Lots

Rowan Boulevard Apartments

Rowan Boulevard Conference Room, Building 5

Rowan Boulevard Parking Garage: Enter via the entrance closest to the Marriott

Whitney Center

Bole Hall Annex

Lot P (For Vehicle Staging)

Holly Pointe Commons

Unloading Zone: Holly Pointe Commons Parking Lot

Entrance to Lot D (For Vehicle Staging)


What to expect upon Arrival

For most complexes, upon arrival at your check-in location, you will meet with the Resident Assistants or other RLUH staff member to greet you and complete your check in process.

  • You will sign in to the building and fill out all necessary paperwork required and receive the items you will need for the year:
    • You will receive a welcome booklet filled with resident resources and information.
    • You will receive your key and sign your key receipt
      • All residents should have their Rowan ID card with you when you arrive; Rowan Blvd and Holly Pointe Commons’ residents will utilize their IDs as their keys to gain access into the building and room/apt. 
    • You will receive your welcome packet with information regarding your building, how to submit work orders, RCR information, a lanyard, etc.
      • Holly Pointe Commons and Rowan Blvd residents will proceed directly to your room once your vehicle is unloaded in the parking lot unloading zone. Your check in packet will be waiting for you in your room. It will contain housing paperwork such as your mailbox information and resident resource booklet with important information. You will be instructed to re-locate your vehicle immediately upon unloading it, to more distant campus parking lots, which will be serviced by a shuttle to assist you in getting back to your building. This is to allow the next vehicles a chance to unload for their move in process as quickly as possible and to stay on schedule. More specific details about this process will be sent to residents’ Rowan email addresses.
    • Students are then free to move in and set up their room.
      • Rowan Boulevard, Whitney Center, and Holly Pointe Commons residents must arrive during their staging area arrival appointment time. Vehicles will be escorted/directed to the appropriate unloading zone to unpack your vehicle as quickly as possible. Because of limited space, only 1 vehicle for each resident will be permitted into each unloading zone. This will be strictly enforced.
    • Once your vehicle is unloaded, you will be directed to move it to a parking area further away, to allow space for other students to park as close to the building as possible to unload. Shuttle service will be available from parking lots back to the buildings once vehicles are re-located after the unloading process.
  • A limited supply of rolling bins will be supplied for loan at each check-in location. Again, supplies are limited, so please make necessary accommodations to gather any items you feel necessary to assist moving your items in. Bringing your own hand truck, for example, is encouraged to get belongings from your vehicle to your building. Only Rowan Blvd, Whitney, Holly Pointe Commons and Triad have elevators.
*For information on prohibited items and fire safety, please visit: https://sites.rowan.edu/housing/safety.html 

*More information will be posted regarding move-in details and offices open during Opening/Welcome Week, as they become available.