Holly Pointe Commons

Holly Pointe Commons

Holly Pointe Commons Move-In



To accommodate the return of about 1,400 resident students to Holly Pointe Commons for the Spring semester, the move-in process has been spread over 2 days, beginning with Sunday, January 19th and ending on Monday, January 20th. Holly Pointe Commons’ residents are required to select a window of time and a date on which to arrive to the HPC parking lot. There are morning and afternoon blocks available on both Sunday and Monday. Any HPC resident who does not select an arrival time will have one assigned and receive that information via your Rowan email.

Classes for the Spring semester begin on January 221st.


Selecting An Arrival Time:

 1) log into http://www.rowan.edu/selfservice 

2) click on the students tab

3) click on "Reserve your Holly Pointe Commons Reservation Appointment" and follow the prompts

Selection deadline is Wednesday, Jan 8 at 11:59 pmm

A message will be sent to the student's Rowan email account confirming a successful time selection and any further details. Students who miss the deadline to select an available arrival date and time window will be assigned one and notified via email during the week of January 7th. 

The arrival time windows each day are from 9AM-1PM and 1PM-5PM.Once the maximum number of slots are filled for a particular arrival time window, it will be closed and no longer available for selection. Questions about the move in process for Holly Pointe Commons can be sent to housingquestions@rowan.edu


Because the parking lot for Holly Pointe Commons can only accommodate a maximum of 80 vehicles, the purpose of a selected/assigned arrival time window is to spread the arrival of vehicles steadily throughout each day in an attempt to avoid over-crowding of the parking lot. Public Safety Officers will be monitoring the entrance of the parking lot and will direct vehicles to alternate parking further away from the complex if the lot is full to capacity. 

Please note that selecting an arrival time does not completely guarantee a parking space in the Holly Pointe Commons parking lot. However, compliance with these instructions will maximize the possibility of residents being able to park in the lot for the purpose of moving into Holly Pointe Commons.

Unloading and Moving of Vehicles:

Upon arrival, residents will be greeted by staff and instructed where to begin their process. A driver should remain with the vehicle and remove it from the lot as soon as the vehicle has been unloaded, to allow for other resident arrivals. Carts will be provided for residents to use from the Holly Pointe parking lot.