Holly Pointe Commons

Holly Pointe Commons

Holly Pointe Commons Move-In



To accommodate the return of about 1,400 resident students to Holly Pointe Commons for the Spring semester, the move-in process is spread over 3 days. Holly Pointe Commons’ residents will be required to select a window of time and a date on which to arrive to the HPC parking lot. Any HPC resident who does not select an arrival time will have one assigned and receive that information via your Rowan email. 

 Dates of Move In Weekend, Fall 2019

Move-in weekend for all residential students for the start of academic year 2019-2020 will take place over 4 days, between August 30th and September 2nd, 2019. 

Friday, August 30, 2019

  • Holly Pointe Move-in Day 1-(By appointment)

Saturday, August 31, 2019

  • First Year Student Residence Hall Move-in Day: Chestnut, Evergreen, Magnolia, Mimosa, Mullica, Willow
  • Holly Pointe Day 2 (by appointment)

Sunday, September 1, 2019

  • Upperclass Apartment Move-in Day: Edgewood Park Apartments, Rowan Blvd Apartments (Day 1 appointments), Townhouses, Triad, and Whitney Center.
  • Holly Pointe Day 3 (by appointment)

Monday, September 2, 2019

  • Rowan Boulevard Move-in Day 2 (By appointment)


Sophmore, Junior and Senior students moving in to Holly Pointe please click here


Holly Pointe Commons Move-in Options for FRESHMEN

 Holly Pointe first-year residents have two options on how to complete their move in:

  1. Holly Pointe Early Drop and Go Program OR
  2. Main Move-in Weekend.

Both processes will require the student to log in to their Banner Self Service account and select an appointment time. Any resident who is not associated with an approved early move in group is required to select an appointment time for one move-in process or the other, but not both. A description of each move-in process can be found below.


How to Select an Appointment Time for Your Preferred Move-in Process:

  1. Log into rowan.edu/selfservice
  2. Click on the student tab
  3. Click on the link “Reserve your Holly Pointe Commons Reservation Appointment”


 Move-In Option #1

Holly Pointe Early Drop and Go Program:

First-year freshmen students at Holly Pointe Commons are offered a chance to sign up for an optional early drop-off program on a first-come first serve basis. This program is an opportunity to voluntarily move your belongings into your room earlier than the bulk of Holly Pointe Commons’ first-year residents and avoid the traffic rush of the main move-in weekend. Another purpose of the Early Drop and Go Program is to eliminate the need for up to 450 students and their vehicles to go through the normal move in process. It makes the volume of students who need to complete the full move-in process more manageable on move-in weekend.

It is important to note, students who choose to participate in the Early Drop and Go program will not be permitted to remain in their room until Saturday, August 31st.


Early Drop and Go Program Details:


Tuesday, August 27th and Wednesday August 28th. Students can sign up for a 1-hour time slot in which they will have the ability to move belongings into their assigned room.


A single vehicle per resident will be permitted to enter the small parking lot for Holly Pointe Commons on Carpenter Street.


Students can choose an available 1-hour time slot from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM by visiting www.rowan.edu/selfservice >> student tab >> “Reserve your Holly Pointe Commons Reservation Appointment”.

Interested students must select a timeslot by Friday, August 23rd. Once the timeslots are all filled, the registration process will be closed. Availability is on a first-come first-served basis.


During your assigned hour, your Rowan student ID (if you do not have your active Rowan ID, you will not be able to enter the complex) will be activated to operate a building entrance door and your room door. Once your hour is over, your ID will no longer be active for any Holly Pointe Commons door and you will need to exit the complex. Carts will be available to assist you in moving your belongings from your vehicle to your room on your own.

Then What:

Students who participate in the Drop and Go Program are permitted to return to campus on Saturday, August 31st any time after 8 AM.

On that day, once you park you will be able to go directly to your room to unpack the belongings you moved in early, get settled, then take part in the move-in day festivities all around campus!

When you arrive to campus you should park your vehicle at the Rowan Blvd Parking Garage above the 3rd level. The parking garage is located adjacent to the Marriott Hotel, across the street from Holly Pointe Commons. On Saturday, September 1st ONLY, there is free 10-hour parking in the Rowan Blvd Parking Garage above the 3rd level.

You should not report to the Holly Pointe move-in vehicle staging area by the football stadium. You are also not permitted to enter the Holly Pointe parking lot with a vehicle on August 31st. Those areas are reserved for the full move-in process taking place for residents who did not get to participate in the Early Drop and Go program. Public Safety Officers will be controlling the entrance of the parking lot, which will be off-limits to all vehicles without a move-in day appointment time parking pass.


Move-In Option #2

Main Move-in Process Description:

Students will select an available appointment time between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM on either August 30th or August 31st. In order to safely manage the parking and unloading zone at Holly Pointe Commons, we utilize a vehicle staging area down the street from the building. Students should plan to arrive at the vehicle staging area, located in parking lot D and C near the football stadium, no earlier than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. Vehicles will be lined up in an orderly fashion based on your SCHEDULED arrival time and escorted in groups by Public Safety down the street to the Holly Pointe parking lot to unload.


Once you are directed into a parking space at the unloading zone, you will be asked to unload your belongings into a cart and possibly onto the pavement of an adjacent parking space. Please monitor the weather forecasts for your assigned day and pack and plan accordingly. Student Move-In Volunteers and carts will be on site to assist with your process of quickly unloading your vehicle and bringing your belongings up to your room. You will be asked to keep a driver with the vehicle and then re-locate it to a destination parking lot away from the complex, even before all of your belongings may have been brought up to your room. Shuttles will be serving those destination lots to assist getting drivers back to the complex. The goal of the appointment times, vehicle staging area, unloading process, and Move-In Volunteers is to minimize wait times by keeping a steady flow of movement through the process without overloading the building or the parking lot.




Because the parking lot for Holly Pointe Commons can only accommodate a maximum of 80 vehicles, the purpose of a selected/assigned arrival time window is to spread the arrival of vehicles steadily throughout each day in an attempt to avoid over-crowding of the parking lot. Public Safety Officers will be monitoring the entrance of the parking lot and will direct vehicles to alternate parking further away from the complex if the lot is full to capacity.

Please note that selecting an arrival time does not completely guarantee a parking space in the Holly Pointe Commons parking lot. However, compliance with these instructions will maximize the possibility of residents being able to park in the lot for the purpose of moving into Holly Pointe Commons.


Unloading and Moving of Vehicles:

Upon arrival, residents will be greeted by staff and instructed where to begin their process. A driver should remain with the vehicle and remove it from the lot as soon as the vehicle has been unloaded, to allow for other resident arrivals. Carts will be provided for residents to use from the Holly Pointe parking lot.


Meningitis Vaccination Compliance

For the safety of Rowan University Students an up-to-date meningitis immunization is required of ALL students prior to moving into campus residence halls. 

By law, students will not be issued a key or card access on move-in day if the records of the Rowan University Wellness Center indicate you have not submitted your records.

You will be allowed to transfer your belongings into your assigned room, but will not be allowed to reside in university housing until you have satisfied the meningitis vaccination requirement. The Wellness Center will be open during normal business hours Monday thru Friday to submit documentation and receive proof of meningitis clearance. Due to Health Information Privacy restrictions, the Residential Learning and University Housing Office cannot accept medical records prior to or on move-in weekend, so please submit any health records directly to the following location:


The Wellness Center at Winans Hall is located at 201 Mullica Hill Road Glassboro, NJ 08028-1701

Telephone: 856-256-4333 and Fax: 856-256-4427

Email: wellnesscenter@rowan.edu


Because of limited available staffing resources at the Wellness Center on move-in weekend, please be sure to check the status of your meningitis compliance records prior to arrival to campus if you should have any concerns about your eligibility to reside in campus housing. Thank you.