Spring Move-In

Spring 2021 Move-In Information

NEXUS residents have their own instructions, which will be mailed to their Rowan email address.

Common Spring Move-in Questions

  1. Do I need to get tested for Covid-19 before returning to campus for the Spring term?
  2. What are the dates for Spring 2021 residential move-in?
  3. Will I need to select an appointment time to come to campus for Spring 2021 move-in?
  4. How do I select a move-in arrival time?
  5. What if I am a returning resident going back to my fall room/apartment and do not select an appoint time for Spring move-in?
  6. What are the details of the Spring 2021 campus move-in process?
  7. Where do I go to check-in if I am a new Spring resident who did not live on campus in the Fall?
  8. If I am a resident returning to my Fall housing assignment, do I need to check-in with anyone when I arrive?
  9. If I am a returning resident and lost my key or Rowan ID over the break, what do I do?
  10. What are the instructions regarding the need to quarantine if I am travelling from outside of NJ?
  11. If I will need to quarantine before taking part in any in-person instruction or activities, is there a process to sign up for an early arrival date?
  12. If I am arriving to campus from an international destination, what are the instructions regarding quarantine?
  13. Will there be any food service on campus since the meal plans do not start until 1/24?


Spring move-in procedures will look a little differently than they have in the past. To comply with State standards to reduce and prevent the spread of the virus that causes Covid-19,  the Spring term move-in process will be de-densified and appointments will be required for arrival times.

Covid-19 Testing Before You Return To Campus

  • A message was sent to Rowan student email addresses on January 8th from the Interim Vice President of Student Life/Dean of Students, Kevin Koett, and the Director of the Wellness Center, Scott Woodside, with detailed information regarding Covid-19 testing requirements before students return to campus for the Spring term.
  • In addition to the information about the required test and the instructions for how to receive it and upload the results, the message included other important information about expanded testing of residential students throughout the Spring term.
  • Click this link to review all the details of the full letter.


  • Appointments for move-in arrival windows are scheduled from 1/18/21 - 1/23/21.
  • 1/23/21 has been identified as the move-in day for new Spring residents, though there can be some flexibility within the move-in week to accommodate a scheduling conflict.
  • Arrival windows each day are from 9AM - 12 noon and 1PM - 4PM.
    • If a particular date or window is not available for you to select, it is either full or was never an option for your particular building.
    • For instructions to select a move-in arrival window, see the details in the section below.
  • Arrival window appointments will be made available on 1/18/21 for any student (including new Spring residents) who identifies as needing to quarantine because of travel from a state on the State travel advisory list or from an international location. See below for more details.

**If you are a returning resident and do not sign up for a move-in appointment time, you can also return to your space the weekend of 1/16 - 1/17, Sunday 1/24, or any time during the move-in week after 5:00 PM. You will retain door access and your key, so you can return to your housing assignment at your leisure, though staff will likely not be available during those times.**

Arrival Time Selection Process:

Each move-in day will offer 2 windows of time for students to arrive to campus, one in the morning (9:00 AM – 12:00 PM) and one in the afternoon (1:00 PM – 4:00 PM).

If you are winter resident and remaining in the same housing assignment for the spring, do NOT select a spring move-in time. 

  • The deadline to select an arrival window is January 12th at 11:59 PM.
  • To select an arrival date and time, follow these instructions:
    • Log into
    • Scroll down to the “Assignments” section
    • Click the “Spring 2021” tab
    • Under the “Move In Spring 2021” option, click the drop down and select your time block.
    • Click the “Update My Time” button to secure that time slot.

**If you are a returning resident and do not sign up for a move-in appointment time, you can also return to your space the weekend of 1/16 - 1/17, Sunday 1/24, or any time during the move-in week after 5:00 PM. You will retain door access and your key, so you can return to your housing assignment at your leisure, though staff will likely not be available during those times.**


  • All returning residents should remember their Rowan ID card and keys.
    • If a Rowan ID or room key is lost, you should see the staff located at the check in location for your building (noted in the chart below) or contact the RA on duty after hours to gain access to your room or apartment. A lock change will need to be processed and a new ID printed at the Rowan Card Office in the Student Center during operating hours. Normal charges will apply.
  • New Spring residents should check-in with building staff upon arrival at the location for your building noted in the chart below.
  • Only Townhouse and Rowan Blvd residents who are returning to their Fall assignment need to check-in with building staff at their check in locations when they arrive during their move-in appointment time.
  • All other returning residents moving back in to their Fall housing assignment in the Spring do not need to be checked in. You can go directly to your room or apartment.

    Move-in Process:

  • When you arrive to campus, you should proceed directly to your building.
  • Please refer to the chart below for information about your building's specific parking/unloading area.
  • In most cases, you will be required to move your vehicle to alternate parking once you are unloaded.
  • A limited supply of moving carts for students to borrow to assist with getting belongings from your vehicle to the building will be available.
  • As carts will be limited, some residents have found it helpful to bring hand-trucks or dollies with them.
  • Please plan to complete your move-in process and move your vehicle from the unloading zone for your building within the 3-hour period move-in arrival window.
Building Unloading Zone New Resident Check-in Location
Chestnut Chestnut parking lot- entrance from Carpenter St. Main Chestnut Lounge- entrance under pillars
Edgewood Park Apartments EPA Parking Lot- entrance from Carpenter St. EPA Office- building 400
Evergreen Trustee Lane- entrance from Lot P off of Whitney Eve. Main lounge- located near front building entrance
Holly Pointe Commons HPC Parking Lot- 15 Carpenter St. HPC Staff Office- first floor E Pod
International House International House- parking lot in rear of the house International House
Magnolia EPA Parking Lot- entrance from Carpenter St. Magnolia Staff Office
Mimosa Low W- Mimosa parking lot- Entrance from North Campus Drive off of Carpenter St. Mimosa Main Lounge- near front entrance
Rowan Blvd Apartments Rowan Blvd Parking Garage- ground floor- 200 Redmond Ave. Blvd Staff Office- directly across the pedestrian exit from the garage facing the building
Townhouses Townhouse Parking Garage- enter at main welcome gate across from the Henry Rowan Statue on rt. 322. Townhouse Community Center
Whitney Center Whitney Center- merchant parking at rear of building.  Main entrance foyer

Campus Food Service Move-in Week:

  • From 1/18 - 1/23, Glassworks at Holly Pointe will be operating during the hours of 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM for inside dining with a reservation, or for meals to-go using the Grub Hub app:
    • Residential students with a spring term meal plan will have access to two meals per day from Glassworks during the move-in period. You can also use credit card, Dining Dollars, or Rowan Bucks for other meals at Rowan Boulevard restaurants, or credit card or Rowan Bucks at other community merchants who accept Rowan Bucks.
    • If you are not a residing in Rowan University housing or do not have a spring term meal plan, you can use credit card or any Dining Dollars or Rowan Bucks remaining from the fall term for meals at Glassworks on the Grub Hub app, at Rowan Boulevard restaurants, or other community merchants who accept Rowan Bucks.

Quarantine for Out-of-State Travelers:

If you plan to travel out of state during the winter break, or you are arriving from any location out of state prior to coming to campus, please be sure to check the latest information about travel advisories. The state of New Jersey has adopted a policy requiring any person who has traveled out-of-state to U.S. locations other than the neighboring states of Delaware, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New York to quarantine for a 14-day period upon their return. The details can be found here.

Rowan University is strictly following this policy. During the 14-day quarantine period, you are permitted to return to campus and reside in your on-campus room, leaving ONLY to access food, medical care, or essential services. However, you would NOT be able to participate in any in-person classes until completing the quarantine period. The first day of in-person instruction classes is February 1. For that reason, we have designated Monday, January 18, 2020 as the date for move-in for any students who need to complete a 14day quarantine. If you return to New Jersey earlier and complete your quarantine days in another location in New Jersey, you can deduct that time from the number of days you would need to quarantine on campus.

If you plan to travel to or will be arriving from an international destination, we encourage you to consult the travel advisory page published by the CDC. Many countries remain classified as a level three destination, indicating significant ongoing spread of the virus and non-essential travel is not advised to these locations. Also, if you will be returning from an international destination and reentering the United States, there may be restrictions imposed by U.S. Immigration and Customs officials. We urge you to thoroughly research the restrictions that may apply to your situation.  If you will be traveling in or arriving from an international destination where there is significant spread of the virus, we ask that you follow the same quarantine standards that apply to travel within the U.S.

The following resources may be helpful: 

To select an arrival date of January 18th, please complete the process described above to pick an available time slot on January 18th. If there are none available for your building, please email for assistance. 

If any move-in process details change your Rowan email and this Move-In web page will be the locations we post them.