Spring 2023 Move-In

Spring 2023 Campus Move-In Information

Move-In Schedule:

  • Structured Spring Move-In is scheduled for Saturday, January 14th and Sunday, January 15th.
  • The first day of classes for the Spring 2023 term is Tuesday, January 17th.
  • All new residents MUST check-in with RLUH staff to verify identity, approved vaccination status and receive their room/apt key (if applicable).
  • Staff will be available at the buildings to help facilitate the check-in process and issue a limited number of moving carts to assist with students moving in between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM on both days.
  • Holly Pointe Commons' residents , will have a slightly more structured process with move-in arrival time windows. Please visit this Holly Pointe Move-in Page for all details related to selecting an arrival time window and the move-in process specific to Holly Pointe Commons. This is only pertinent to Holly Pointe Commons' residents!

**Required Vaccinations**:

All students must be compliant with the Covid 19 and Meningococcal (Meningitis) Rowan University vaccination requirement. You will not be allowed to move into housing if you have not submitted appropriate vaccine documentation. Our staff will attempt to contact students who are not in compliance with this mandate. However, it is your responsibility to ensure all immunization forms are submitted to the Wellness Center in advance of your move-in date. Housing staff cannot accept medical documentation for vaccines on the date of arrival.

Returning to the same room/apartment from the Fall semester? (including residents who remained over the winter):  

  • Residents who are returning to a room or apartment with a key must report directly to their assigned building to check in with the building staff and present their room/apt key for verification. This will complete your check-in process for the Spring.
  • If you no longer have your key to your room or apartment, please see building staff immediately upon return to complete your check in process and submit a request for a lock change.
  • Residents returning to rooms or apartments with card access on your doors do not need to check-in with staff. Your process will be completed by using data associated with your card access into your room.

Moving to a new room/apartment or are a new spring campus resident?

  • New residents, or students who are returning to campus to a new housing assignment must visit their check-in location to complete the check-in process...this includes verifying your vaccination compliance. If our records do not indicate you are in compliance with Rowan's vaccination policy, you will not be permitted to move in.
  • After 4:00 pm, your building office will post the number for the CA on Duty to be available to check you in. But we do ask that you make every effort to move in during the scheduled times.
  • If you need to move in after Monday, January 16th, you should visit the RLUH Office on the ground floor of Savitz Hall between 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM.

 Building-Check in Location:




Holly Pointe Commons

Front Desk- located on ground floor of E-Pod

Unload in HPC Parking Lot and then move to long term parking immediately after your vehicle is empty.

Chestnut Hall

Chestnut Hall Lounge

Chestnut Parking Lot

Mimosa Hall

Mimosa Hall Foyer

Mimosa Parking Lot

Willow Hall

Willow Hall Office

Edgewood Parking Lot

Edgewood Park

EPA Office (400 building)

Edgewood Parking Lot


Community Center

Townhouse Parking Garage or adjacent parking

Rowan Blvd Apartments

RoBo Hall Office- located on the end of the 5000 wing

Rowan Blvd parking garage (ground floor to unload, then immediately move car to long term)

Whitney Center

Front desk in the foyer

Behind Whitney. Unload, then immediately move vehicle to permitted parking

Nexus Properties

Front desk of 220 Rowan Blvd.

Parking garage closest to your building