Off Campus Housing

Off Campus Housing

Off Campus Housing


Several apartment communities and homes surround the Rowan campus and are available to rent to students who choose to live off campus. This page is made available to provide students who are exploring off campus housing options with useful information to make their decision.

When deciding whether to live off-campus, you should first review Rowan's Mandatory Housing Policy to see if you are eligible to live off campus. Freshmen and Sophomore students who are unmarried and under the age of 21 are required to live in University housing (see the full policy for details).  If you are eligible to live off-campus, here are some resources and common items to consider:

  • Planning your Budget
  • Finding Roommates
  • Location & Housing Type
  • Knowing your Rights & Responsibilities
  • Being a Good Tenant/Neighbor
  • Additional Off-Campus/Commuter Resources at Rowan University 


Rowan University has partnered with, a company that specializes in providing Off-Campus Housing solutions for post-secondary students. This service is FREE for all students to use as an effective method of finding a place to live off-campus or finding a roommate. Students need not register to search Students listings.

  • Students can click here to view rental listings for the Glassboro area.
  • Students can click here to register to post a FREE sublet ad or roommates needed profile
  • Landlords can click here to post listings online or call 1-866-766-0767 (toll free) to speak with Customer Service Staff.

DISCLAIMER: Rowan University does not endorse any landlord, management company, or individual who lists with Places4Students.  This services is provided to assist students seeking available off-campus housing and landlords seeking student tenants. Students and landlords are solely responsible for making informed decisions and for any contracts they may enter into. The University and Places4Students are not parties to any contract or other agreement between any student or landlord. Rowan University does not guarantee in any manner the service or quality of any listed resources, landlord, management companies, properties, housing or individuals. Students, parents, and other members of the University and Glassboro community are under no obligation to utilize Places4Students, the resources listed herein, or to rent from companies or individuals listed with Places4Students.


Planning your Budget

Planning your budget should be the first thing you do when thinking about becoming an off-campus housing/commuter student. Here are some budgetary items you need to consider when renting off-campus:

  • Security Deposit amount and the terms for refund when you move-out
  • Renter’s Insurance each month
  • Furniture you will need to buy
  • Cable/Internet bills including installation costs/fees (which providers are in what areas?)
  • If you need to pay for your own utilities – gas, electric, water, sewer, garbage collection bills
  • Fuel & Tolls (Commuting Costs)
  • Vehicle Maintenance (Due to additional wear/tear on your car)

Budget Resources:

  • Feel free to utilize this handy semester/monthly budget worksheet to layout your expenses to see what you will be able to afford living off campus: Off-Campus Living Budget Worksheet
  • Rent Lingo Renters' Resources has a rent calculator, neighborhood comparisons, discusses types of rentals for each person and many other resources a first time renter may need at:


Finding Roommates

Make sure you find compatible roommates that you can communicate with about what you expect from them and what they expect from you while you're living together! Make sure that you talk with potential roommate(s) you are considering living with and discuss your daily habits, schedules, pet peeves as well as make sure you feel comfortable living together. Here are some discussion topics to get your started:

  • How much can you afford to pay for an apartment/house, etc?
  • How will deposits and monthly joint bills be paid? (Security, utility deposits; internet, cable, gas & electric bills, etc.)
  • How much privacy do you need? For instance, do you need a private bathroom; private bedroom?
  • How would you describe what “clean” means to you?
  • How will you handle general cleaning responsibilities? How often is it necessary to clean?
  • What are your sleeping habits/patterns? (Night owl, early riser?)
  • How do you feel about overnight guests?
  • How do you feel about noise and music?
  • What are your study habits? Do you need total quiet or would you prefer background noise?
  • What temperature do you like the apartment/house to be? (In the winter? In the summer? Warmer? Cooler?

Choose your roommate(s) wisely! When renting together with other students, you should keep in mind that if you jointly sign a lease or other contract, you are taking on legal obligations and some options you may have in University housing will not be available to you.

  • You may be financially responsible for the entire cost if one or more of your roommates does not pay their rent or utilities, or if they cause damage to the landlord's property which may be deducted form your security deposit.
  • If your parents co-sign the lease with you, these financial obligations may fall on them if a problem arises. 
  • Landlord's are not obligated to allow you to break a lease or contract prior to the established end date. If you sign a lease, and later change your mind, you may not be able to break the lease. 
  • Landlords are unlikely to provide you a "room change" if you no longer get along with a roommate, and you may not be able to require a roommate you no longer get along with to move out of a residence if they are on the lease.

Roommate Resources:


Location & Housing Options

How far do you want to live from campus? What type of neighborhood or housing option do you want to live in? Do you prefer a shared house or an apartment to yourself in a large complex? There are many components to well as, what is best for your pockets! Let’s review some of the common off-campus housing accommodations Rowan University student’s typically reside within:

  • Shared Housing: Many students have roommates; it’s the best way to keep costs low for each student! While prices can vary depending on the location and which type of dwelling students are sharing – shared housing can start around $400 a month per person and up within the closest vicinity to Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ.
  • Apartments: There are many complexes that students rent from in the local area. Many of the complexes cater to Rowan University students and include most utilities. Most leases are for 12 months and charge extra if you want a short-term lease to match the academic year.
  • Houses: There are a plethora of houses available that students share together as the cost of renting a house alone is very expensive in this area. Most students who split the rent of a house, can rent a room out of the house for about $400-$600 but then must cover most, if not all, utilities for the house and possibly even yard upkeep as well.
  • Rooms in Private Homes: Sometimes local home owners will rent out a bedroom in their home to Rowan University students. This may not include a private bathroom, and all amenities like living room and kitchen, etc., are shared with the owners of the house. However, private rooms usually come with the least amount of maintenance and responsibility. Rooms in private homes are usually posted to the website and rates vary depending upon the neighborhood it is located.



Know your Rights & Responsibilities

You must know what your Rights & Responsibilities are as a prospective tenant before you sign a lease with any Landlord! There are certain rental bulletins, documents, and acts that you can review to help yourself be well-versed in this area on the State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Landlord-Tenant Information page. Not only should you review the content on this webpage, but here are some tips to keep in mind before signing your lease:

  • Read your lease in its ENTIRETY before you sign anything!
  • If you don’t understand something, ask specific questions about it!
  • If someone else (parents, guardians, etc.) will be assisting in payment of the bill – make sure that they read the lease before you sign!
  • Understand the difference between a Joint (and several) and an Individual Lease and which one you are signing when you rent an off-campus apartment/home!
    • An individual lease means that each person is only responsible for their portion of the unit lease or bed space. If your roommate ends up not coming back for the spring semester, you're not responsible for their payment.
    • A joint and several lease is if two or more people sign a lease then they are jointly responsible for the rental amount and any damages throughout the period of the lease regardless if someone moves out.
  • How much is the security deposit?
  • Do you have the Property Manager/provider’s contact information?
  • Who do you call when there is a maintenance issue?


Tenant/Landlord Law Resources:


Being a Good Neighbor & Tenant

Being a good neighbor once you’ve moved into your rental is a big responsibility that goes hand-in-hand with being a good tenant. There are many neighborhood ordinances, laws and regulations that you should know in addition to being familiar with your lease. This will ensure a successful rental venture between you, your landlord, your neighbors and your town! Since many of our students reside in the Glassboro, NJ area – here are some borough ordinances that will come in handy to remember:


Good Neighbor/Tenant Resources:

Crime Prevention in Off Campus Housing:


Additional Off-Campus/Commuter Resources

At Rowan University, our Office of Volunteerism, Community Engagement & Commuter Services is committed to assisting Off-Campus students and our commuter population. They support the needs of off-campus and commuter students through workshops, providing resources and support services and connecting our off-campus students with their neighbors to ensure they become active, responsible and just members of their community outside of Rowan, as well as feel a sense of belonging on campus too!


The Office of Volunteerism, Community Engagement & Commuter Services