International House

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International House

International House Description


  • Type: Historic Home/Converted Bed and Breakfast, Community Style Living Space
  • Year Constructed: 1855
  • Occupancy Rate: approximately 12 Students in 7 bedrooms
  • Floors: 3
  • Elevators: No
  • Air Conditioning: Yes
  • Co-ed: Yes (Single or Mixed Gender Apartments Available)
  • Who Lives Here: Predominately International Students
  • What's Nearby: WAWA, Jimmy John’s, Landmark Americana, Rowan Boulevard Apartments, Parking Garage, Enterprise Center, Stores underneath the Enterprise Center and Whitney Center, Rowan University’s Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Whitney Center 

International House

Building Features & Amenities: 

  • In Hall Staff: 1 Resident Assistant
  • Housekeeping Services: Clean common hallways, Kitchens (2), laundry space, ground floor shared restroom, and living room/parlor spaces
  • Laundry Room: Located on the second floor, single washer and dryer
  • 2 Full Kitchens: 1st and 2nd Feature stainless steel appliances, stove/oven, refrigerator, cookware, dishes.
  • Living Room/Parlor: Furnished, Large TV, Large Dining Area
  • Hardwood floors throughout the house
  • Tiled kitchen and bathroom areas
  • WiFi (Wireless internet access available throughout the building)
  • Parking: For the most current policies and information about residential parking on campus, please follow this link to Rowan Parking Services
  • Central air conditioning/heating- resident controlled thermostat
  • Overhead lighting throughout
  • Mail Delivery: Delivered directly to the house
  • Trash and recycling containers provided for kitchen use
  • Trash Removal: Students are required to take the trash to the dumpster located in the parking lot behind the house.
  • A single key is distributed to each resident, which allows access to the side entrance of the house and your specific bedroom. 

international house 2

Room Features & Amenities: 

  • Wired for Rowan Network
  • Wired for Cable Television
  • Telephone: Land line telephones have been removed from all residence halls for lack of use, however they are available upon request. Active room telephone lines provide local calling only and require a calling card for long distance. Most residents rely on cell phones.
  • Windows with screens and blinds
  • Bathrooms with shower, vanity area, mirror
  • Each bedroom is single, double or triple occupancy with their own bathroom.
  • Mixed gender bedrooms are permitted in this building.
  • For descriptions and quantities of the standard furniture provided for each room type, please visit this link to a furniture description page.