Freshman Housing Options

We’re excited you’re here! The freshman year is an exciting time, and your on-campus living experience will be an important part of the transition. We look forward to working with you to help make Rowan University your home away from home. At Rowan, freshmen and sophomores typically live on campus, and are subject to the Mandatory Housing Policy. 

Orientation Information

For information provided to incoming freshman at Orientation, you may download the housing presentation below:

Housing Orientation Slides (Fall 2017-Spring 2018)

You can also visit our Orientation Programs website which has information for New incoming Freshmen for the Fall term and Spring terms, including your Orientation check-lists and the ability to sign up for your orientation.


Incoming freshmen are able to apply for University housing after the University has received the student's admissions confirmation and deposit. Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, but are strongly encouraged to apply by May 1, 2018. Check the Apply for Housing link to learn more.

Where will I live?

Freshmen are housed in one of six residence halls on campus. Residence halls primarily double occupancy rooms. Singles may be available on a limited basis. In residence halls, students share common bathrooms in their suite or hall. All residence halls house students of multiple genders. Students in traditional residence halls may choose roommates of their same gender. In addition, every residence hall has a common lounge, and most halls provide additional recreational spaces.

All spaces are fully furnished with an extra-long twin bed, dresser, desk and closet or wardrobe for each student. Most rooms are carpeted. Non-carpeted rooms may be requested on a space available basis. Air-conditioning is standard in Holly Pointe Commons. Traditional residence halls are not air-conditioned. Internet and cable TV services are included in all housing options.

Budget Considerations

Rowan University offers freshmen options in our Traditional Residence Halls as well as our newest residence hall Holly Pointe Commons. When completing the housing application, students have the opportunity to indicate the importance of affordability in making their room assignment.  Keep in mind that Holly Pointe Commons has amenities such as air conditioning that result in a higher cost compared to the Traditional Residence Halls. Students should discuss their budget and review their financial aid resources carefully when considering how to answer questions in the housing application. 


New students may have the option to match with a roommate prior to being assigned a room. If you know another freshman student who you would like to select as your roommate, discuss that with them. If you both feel the same way, you may have the opportunity to mutually match online after your housing application and their housing application has been submitted and processed. If you don’t know someone, that’s okay, you may meet someone at Orientation or housing will assign you a roommate match based on the information in your housing application.

Students may choose roommates without restrictions based on gender in Holly Pointe Commons in accordance with the Gender Inclusive Housing Policy.

Keep in mind that roommate matches are NOT GUARANTEED by the University. In some cases, such as when students are in conflicting learning communities, the University is unable to assign matched roommates together in the same rooms.

The deadline for incoming Freshmen students to complete their roommate matching is: Sunday, June 10, 2018 by 11:59 PM

If you are interested in having a roommate(s), your roommate(s) must:

  • Also be an incoming Freshmen student for Fall 2018;and,
  • Have also completed their housing application; and,
  • You all will need to ensure you mutually select one another as roommates prior to the deadline, stated above.

Steps to Select a Roommate:

  1. Log into
  2. Click on the student tab
  3. Click on "MyHousing"
  4. Click on the "Room Selection/Roommate Matching" tab at the top of the screen
  5. Select "Fall 2018" from the drop down, and click submit
  6. Search for desired roommate(s)
  7. You can search for roommates through a simple search (first name, last name, middle initial, or email address) or an advance search (certain criteria in the housing application).
*Remember your roommate request(s) must verify/accept the request via MyHousing for the group to be fully matched.

Co-Curricular Programs

First-year students quickly discover that their residence is more than just a place to study and sleep. Residence halls provide a wide array of co-curricular programs to extend learning beyond the classroom as well as many social, cultural and recreational activities. Resident Assistants will play an important part in this, as they are there to support students' overall success in the residence hall.

Learning Communities

Residence halls are home to a variety of living-learning communities that promote student academic success and persistence to graduation. Most of these communities are linked to the student’s academic major or program, and students will receive information directly from their program with more details when applicable.

Social Justice Learning Community:

The Rowan University Social Justice Learning Community (SJLC) is a place where diverse students with a passion for diversity and inclusion can live with other like-minded students looking to engage in creating social change. This allows students the opportunity to build relationships in a safe environment, develop skills as change agents, and engage in dialogue with faculty, staff, and other students about social justice at Rowan University.

LC Coordinator:

Gardy J. Guiteau

Director of Social Justice, Inclusion, and Conflict Resolution Initiatives


The Rowan University LGBTQIA+ Learning Community is a place where students at Rowan can live with other students who have expressed interest in LGBTQIA+ issues and inclusivity. This allows students the opportunity to build relationships with other students with similar ideologies and interests, receive information and resources available on campus, and have a safe and nurturing environment for them to learn and grow together.

LC Coordinator:

Gardy J. Guiteau

Director of Social Justice, Inclusion, and Conflict Resolution Initiatives


The Leadership Learning Community is designed to help you unlock your leadership potential!  Our community will work hand in hand with the Leadership Rowan initiative to get you in the fast-track to getting involved.  This year, members of the community will start on the Bronze Certificate Path to explore leadership styles, positive campus involvement, volunteering opportunities, and useful skills to move through college and obtain that first job. 

LC Coordinator:

Charlie Kuski

Coordinator, Orientation & Student Leadership Programs