Roommate Selection

Roommate Selection

Requesting/Selecting Roommate

There are two ways to identify students as roommates.

If you are interested in selecting specific students as your roommate(s), you must submit the request by: 

  1. Logging into
  2. Then click, “Room Selection/Roommate Matching
  3. Click, “Select Roommate”
  4. Select "Fall 2021" in For the Term drop down options 
  5. Click on "Search for Roommate" Tab
  6. Enter student's first and last name 
  7. Review search results and select correct student (results will only show students who have completed applications for the term)

   Cant find your eligible roommate match? Be sure you and your deisred roommates profile is public. 

  • Go to "Personal Information"
  • Select "Roommate Profile"
  • Under "Profile Privacy" ensure that "Do Not display me" is not selected

You may also search for potential roommates by searching for specific criteria entered on the housing application. To use this method:

  1. Follow steps 1-5 above
  2. Search for students based on application preferences
  3. Review search results and select desired student(s)

Be sure to accept/deny any pending roommate matching requests. Roommate matches must be mutal to be honored during room selection.

Credit Hours and Roommate Matching:

When determining class standing for the Room Selection process, we take into account the credits that you have already earned as well as the credits you are currently enrolled in for the spring term. ​  Summer course enrollment is not taken into consideration in this process.

Students will receive an appointment time for room selection based on the person with the lowest class standing in their group. For example, a group of 4 matched senior students will received appointment times during the “senior” selection date, whereas a matched group of 3 seniors and 1 sophomore will receive appointment times during the “sophomore” selection dates. Please keep this in mind when you are determining who you will be forming a matched group with.

-Students with 0-57 credits are considered “sophomores”.

-Students with 58-89 credits are considered “juniors”.

-Students with 90+ credits are considering “seniors”.​