Continuing Student Room Selection Process

Continuing Student Room Selection Process

Continuing Student Room Selection Process

The Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 Housing Application is now open!!


The Mandatory Housing Policy states, in part,  that full time, unmarried undergraduates under age 21 with fewer than 58 credits are required to live in University Housing, unless they will be commuting from a parent or guardian’s home within 40 miles of the Rowan campus. If you meet the exemption criteria and wish to commute, you must complete the Mandatory Housing Waiver and are not required to complete the Housing Application.

Directions to complete the Mandatory Housing Waiver Form for Fall 2020

  • Log into
  • Click on "Housing Applications & Forms"
  • Select the "Mandatory Housing Waiver Form (Fall 2020)”
  • Upon successful completion of the form, you will receive a confirmation email to your Rowan email address

To apply for University Housing:

  • Log into
  • Click on the "Housing Applications & Forms" tab on the left side of the screen
  • Select the "Fall 2020-Spring 2021 Housing Application"
  • Complete the application

Room Selection will begin the week of March 2nd

  • ADA Room Selection: Wednesday, March 4th – Friday, March 6th
  • Honors Room Selection: Tuesday, March 10th more information
  • Degree in 3: Thursday, March 12th
  • EPA 5 person occupancy apartments for mutually matched groups of 3 or 5: Tuesday, April 14th
  • Mutually Matched Groups of 6 and 8 Selection: Tuesday, April 14th
  • Graduate and Senior Round: Thursday, April 16th - Tuesday, April 21st
  • Junior Round: Friday April 17th - Tuesday, April 21st
  • Sophomore Round: Wednesday, April 22nd – Monday, April 28th 
  • Make up Round: Wednesday, April 29th

Please note: 

♦ Housing Accommodation Process

Students who are registered for a disability related housing accommodation or will be registering with the Academic Success Center and Disability Resources Office need to ensure they have submitted their paperwork no later than February 14th. Failure to meet this deadline may limit the ability of the University to reserve housing space meeting your needs. For more information on this process please contact or (856) 256-4259.

♦ Roommate Matching will be open February 19th – 26th 

Students will be instructed to complete their roommate selections via MyHousing.  Please note that students must mutually match each other in order to go through room selection together.  Roommate matches are not guaranteed - many things effect placement such as participation in a Learning Community, and the need for affordable housing.  Click here for more information and instructions.

♦ Gender inclusive housing options are available!

Please make sure you check out for more information on gender inclusive housing!

♦ Large Groups of 5, 6 or 8

  • This year, to continue to provide cost effective housing options for students, we are offering the opportunity for fully matched groups of 3 as well as fully matched groups of 5 to select an apartment within the Edgewood Park Apartments. In 5 person apartment, there are two bedrooms where one is a double and the other a triple.  To see photos and a video of what this apartment set up would look like please visit  
  • We have 8-person/6-person apartments available. Only fully matched groups of 6 as well as fully matched groups of 8 will have the opportunity to select 6 person and 8 person apartments (respectively) in Nexus Properties.*  
  • *If your group chooses to not select on the determined date, or if no apartments are left to accommodate your group, you and your group members will receive a new date/time to select housing during the senior, junior, sophomore rounds (as appropriate) based on the makeup of your group. 

♦ Failure to select on the day you are assigned will result in you being required to select a  room during a makeup round which takes place after all rounds of room selection are completed.

♦ It is imperative that each student checks their Rowan email DAILY. This will be our primary means of communication for the room selection process.

♦ The assignment process for new incoming and transfer students admitted for Fall 2020 will begin in June.