Withdrawal and Financial Aid

There are several enrollment adjustments that may or may not impact your financial aid. It is always important to consult with both the Registrar's Office and Financial Aid to see how making registration adjustments may impact your academic and financial status.

  Definition Impact on Financial Aid
Course Drops You removed a course from your schedule during the add/drop period. You are not charged for the class and it is completely removed from your transcript. When you drop a course, the number of semester credits will decrease. Dropping below full-time will affect grant and scholarship eligibility; dropping below half-time will affect eligibility for loans as well.
Individual Course Withdrawal You withdraw from one or more courses but are still enrolled in at least one class for the term. With a withdrawal, the course appears on your transcript and you will have a "W" for that course. As long as you are still enrolled in at least one course for that term, your financial aid will not be impacted.*
All-Enrollment Withdrawal You withdraw from all courses in a term and are no longer enrolled for that semester. You earn a "W" for all courses that term. You will only be eligible to receive a prorated amount of aid based on the policy below. 

 *If your last date of attendance for the course(s) from which you are withdrawing is before state grants have disbursed, those credits will not be counted in determining your enrollment status for state grant eligibility. Most state grants, including the Tuition Aid Grant (TAG), require you to be enrolled in at least 12 credits.

All-Enrollment Withdrawal Policy

How the Title IV Funds Policy Affects Your Financial Aid


Students must remain enrolled and attending through the 60% point of the semester before they can retain all the financial aid they have been granted. Students that withdraw or stop attending (drop-out) before completing 60% of the semester can receive only a pro-rated portion of their financial aid for that semester.

All students should understand that the financial aid they receive is for class attendance. Students are encouraged to attend all of their classes in order to receive the most benefit from their courses. Indeed, class attendance often is the single most important factor to doing well in college. Also, please note that the discussion below applies only to students who withdraw from all of their courses or stop attending their classes and are receiving federal Title IV financial aid. Moreover, please note that this policy does not affect your responsibility to pay for institutional charges.

Official Withdrawal

Students who withdraw on or before reaching the 60% point of a semester may receive only a pro-rated amount of the financial aid they may otherwise qualify to receive. The pro-rated amount is equal to the fraction: number of days elapsed in the semester as of the day of withdrawal divided by the number of days in the semester. For example, assume there are 110 days in a semester. Further, assume a student withdraws on the 35th day of the semester. That student would be entitled to 32% (35/110) of the aid for that semester. The balance of aid is considered unearned and must be returned. For its part, Rowan must return any unearned portion of student aid it has retained for the payment of tuition, fees and other charges. Rowan will bill the student for any balance created as a result of returning unearned financial aid to the federal Title IV programs.

Additionally, a student who receives a financial aid refund and withdraws on or before 60 percent of the semester may have to return a portion of those funds to the financial aid programs. Rowan University will reimburse the programs for the amount due from the student and subsequently bill the student for the amount refunded to the federal Title IV programs on behalf of the student. The Office of the Bursar will notify students of the amount they are responsible to repay Rowan University. Students who withdraw after 60 percent of the semester are not subject to prorating. 

Unofficial Withdrawal (drop-out)

Students who fail to complete any of their courses for a given semester and receive grades of F, IN, NR will be deemed to have dropped out of the semester. These students are entitled to only 50% of the financial aid they qualified for. The other 50% is returned to the funding programs and the students are billed for any unearned financial aid they may have received. Students are strongly encouraged to notify the Registrar’s Office if they plan to withdraw from classes.