Review & Accept Award

Review & Accept Award

Accepting Student Loans

When can I accept my award?

You will receive an email to your Rowan University email account notifying you that your award is available. This is different than a preliminary award letter that is sent to accepted Rowan University Students. Usually, you can expect to get your award letter early to mid-June before the academic year begins.

Not sure how much to borrow?

You can view your bill in Self-Service Banner. The Bursar's Office usually sends bills via email in July before the fall semester begins. If you need additional funding after accepting all financial aid, you may want to consider a deferred payment planParent PLUS loansGraduate PLUS loans and Private/Alternative loans

Remember, your bill will only show your direct costs of attending school. If you need funding for other school-related expenses, you can borrow aid that exceeds your bill up to your annual cost of attendance. Surplus funds will be returned to you by the Bursar's Office in the form of a refund to pay for your indirect costs of school.

*In the event a student has institutional scholarship funds remaining after their direct costs have been covered, the student will not receive a credit balance on their account nor will they be issued a refund check.*

Need help accepting your award?

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