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Dietitian Corner

Dietitian Corner - Gourmet Dining

Dietitian's Corner

Our nutrition and wellness team’s mission is to build a healthy foundation in nutrition knowledge, increase awareness of health issues, and expand the palate while improving food choices. Gourmet Dining’s Nutrition Services program at Rowan University will be led by Melissa Hudock, RD. The program’s focus is wide reaching, encompassing the entire campus community from students to professors to teams and athletic directors.

Understanding nutrition and special dietary needs is an integral part of how we craft our services at Gourmet Dining.

Services offered include:

  • One on one counseling
  • Group outreach sessions such as monthly nutrition events in the dining locations to engage students
  • Menu Nutrition Analysis, and workshops for Gourmet Dining Employees

Dietary Restrictions? We have you covered!

If you have allergies, intolerances or food restrictions, we highly suggest you contact us.  Our team can provide you with the skills you need to feel safe and eat great in the dining hall.  Gourmet Dining’s Registered Dietitian for Rowan University is Melissa Hudock, RD. Melissa is available to answer questions and concerns or provide a dining hall tour at or call/text 856-371-6090

Register with the Academic Success Center, Disability Resources to obtain more resources to help with your transition to college here. 

Visit us in the Market Place in Chamberlain Student Center, in the All you care to eat Dining room, we have developed a station called Sprout, which offers four hot entrees and cold sides daily as well as Udi’s bread, bagels, muffins, allergy friendly cookies.  This station is separate from our main kitchen and dedicated to preparing items without the top 8 major allergens (Wheat, Dairy, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Shellfish, Fish and Eggs). Look for symbols on our signage to delegate Gluten Friendly , Vegan, & Vegetarian options.    

We will try to accommodate any reasonable request due to religious dietary restrictions. We are not able to prepare Kosher meals on site, however we do have the option of providing a Kosher certified frozen entrée when requested.  Please contact the Dietitian to discuss further. 

Have some questions on how to improve your diet? Need help losing weight?

One on one nutrition counseling is available to all students, faculty & staff without charge. With a team of nationally accredited Registered Dietitians to lead the program, counseling encompasses a wide range of concerns, including

  • How to maximize dining hall options for the student with food allergies
  • Navigating the challenges of “Carb Counting” with a diabetic student faced with vast dining hall options
  • Teaching healthy cooking techniques to the inexperienced “picky” eater at the self-operated wok, noodle, pasta and omelet stations.
  • Counseling on team training, NCAA regulations and nutrition for athletes


Are you too sick to come to the Dining Hall?

Call the Campus Dietitian - Melissa Hudock at 856-371-6090 for assistance.


Gourmet Dining Nutrition Services is excited to be a part of the Rowan University Community. 

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