CHAMP GEAR UP Summer Program

CHAMP GEAR UP Summer Program

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Program Components

The unique virtual summer program will prepare middle school students for the transition to high school and provide creative activities to ensure high school students are college ready. Students will participate in interactive virtual activities that will increase their skills in Math, Science, Writing Financial Literacy, Computer Science and Public Speaking to ensure they are ready for the next school year. The program will offer Interactive virtual field trips, college tours, career exposure and guest appearances from various educational and motivational speakers.     

 Program Eligibility

Students must be currently completing grades 6th—11th at the following schools.      

App -Pencils

Middle School Students  - Grades 6th—8th

Big Picture Learning Academy

Camden’s Promise Charter School

Cooper’s Poynt Family School

Creative Arts Morgan Village Academy

H.B. Wilson Elementary School

Octavius V. Catto Family School

Ulysses S. Wiggins College Prep  Family School


High School Students - Grades 9th—11th

Big Picture Learning Academy

Brimm Medical Arts High School

Camden Academy Charter High School

Camden High School

Creative Arts Morgan Village Academy

Woodrow Wilson High School


If you would like to participate, please click Google Docs button below to complete the application.  


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