Student Fee Descriptions for Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

Student Fee Descriptions for Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

Student Fee Descriptions for Cooper Medical School of Rowan University (CMSRU)

Disability Insurance Fee

A disability, as it applies to a medical student, is a sickness or injury that prevents a student from attending classes and performing the normal duties of a medical student, and requires the regular care and attendance of a physician other than by the student or a family member. 

Disability insurance coverage for all medical students is provided by CMSRU on the first day of enrollment and throughout the duration of medical school, with an option for students to continue the plan into residency.  

Student Health and Wellness Fee

CMSRU provides access to contracted services which provide for psychiatric, counseling, and occupational health related services and are as follows:

  • Confidential psychiatric services are available to assist CMSRU students with medication evaluation, medication management, and performance coaching related to medical school. These confidential services are offered through the Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine (SOM).

  • Confidential counseling services are offered, including multiple individual sessions to students and their family members, to receive counseling for a variety of issues. The services also include psychoeducational workshops and 24/7 access/crisis response.

CMSRU contracts with a third party provider for occupational health services. Comprehensive treatment is provided to CSMRU students who sustain work-related non-life threatening or non-limb threatening injuries or illnesses, administration of required immunizations, mask fit testing, and storage/maintenance of student health records.  

Student Activities Fee

The Student Activities Fee is used primarily to cover the costs of CMSRU’s student leadership group, wellness activities, student-centered events, and support of special interest clubs/organizations which supplement the students’ classroom experiences and promotes physical, social, and emotional wellness. 

Costs associated with CSMRU’s unique Advisory Colleges/Learning Communities model are also covered by the Student Activities Fee. The Advisory College/Learning Communities encompass faculty guidance, career exploration, professional identity formation, and offers shared learning through various activities to deepen collective knowledge of identified subject matters.

General Service Fee

The General Service Fee Fee is used to primarily cover fixed costs of providing educational services that may not be directly related to specific programs, groups, or services.  The fee helps defray the cost related to debt service and Operating and Maintenance costs related to construction projects, preventive and deferred maintenance, as well as utility and lease-related costs.

Technology Fee      

The Technology Fee covers the cost of general Information Technology services provided to CMSRU students. The fee also covers the costs of exam delivery and assessment tools, extensive electronic library resources, and costs associated with CMSRU’s state-of-the-art Simulation and Clinical Skills Center.