Places from the Past

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Places from the Past

Places from the Past

Share with us a place you want to visit that no longer exists.

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The site need not be famous – just some place that is special to you and that no longer exists. It can be a site that disappeared before you were born or some place that you loved to visit or had always wanted to visit. It needn’t be a building – it can be a natural site or even a tree.

Your submission may become part of an on-going art installation project for which professional artist Ellen Harvey is making paintings of places that no longer exist that people wish they could still visit. The project has been traveling and growing since 2020 with over 260 global locations.

The installation with new paintings representing South Jersey will be the featured exhibition at the Rowan University Art Gallery in late January through late March, 2024.

There is no guarantee that the artist will use your suggestion.


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