Overview and Mission

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Overview and Mission

Overview and Mission

The Rowan University Innovation Fund appointed an Advisory Committee comprising business leaders, financiers, entrepreneurs and other individuals with biotechnology, biomedical, engineering and venture capital expertise. The Advisory Committee provides real-world expertise in evaluating and investing $5 million to support new technology businesses and inventions through a competitive review process. 

Ideal Candidates for Funding

Fund staff members understand that searching for funding can be a daunting process for even the most experienced entrepreneurs. The Fund welcomes applications from individuals and companies in their early-seed stage that have obtained some previous financial support, even from friends and family.

The Fund offers access to robust angel funding, private-equity investors and business acceleration guidance and mentoring to early-stage entities that qualify for funding. In a region heavily populated with early-stage/investment opportunities, the Fund actively works to seek other funding partners who specialize in early-stage deals to ensure that the overall DealFlow investment – the rate at which the Fund receives proposals and investment offers – creates an enticing return.

The Fund is looking for much more than business plans scribbled on napkins; it requires individuals and companies to have invested the time to be able to clearly articulate their concept and value proposition. It seeks individuals and companies that produce business plans that emphasize people, plans and technology and that fit logically into the marketplace.

It is impossible for a business venture to succeed if all of these areas are not addressed. Individuals and companies applying to the Fund need to ask whether:

  • Their concepts are bolstered by strong people, strong plans and strong technology.
  • Their plans are supported by the current marketplace.

If so, they are the types of entrepreneurs the Fund welcomes for consideration.