2018 Idea Challenge

2018 Idea Challenge

2018 Idea Challenge

The Rowan University Idea Challenge is hosted by the Rowan Innovation Venture Fund (RIVF), a $5 million seed-stage fund created by the Rowan Foundation to impact the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in and around the Rowan campus, and the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. The Idea Challenge is unique at Rowan as it is driven and run by Rowan students under the supervision of the RIVF managing director. Last year's winning companies won $15,000 in prize money and the winner is currently in due diligence with the Fund to move into commercialization! The Idea Challenge is structured to attract students from across all Rowan colleges in a unique format to insure that the idea has the needed resources to become a real business. Finalist teams will be made up of at least 2 Rowan students from 2 different colleges and the program is designed to facilitate the team building process in the early stages - you do not have to have a team to submit your idea! Click on the links below to download the related materials.



Submit applications by September 27 at 11:00 p.m.


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