Careers & Cream Cheese

Careers & Cream Cheese

Careers & Cream Cheese

RIPPAC’s Careers & Cream Cheese series is an ongoing series of casual breakfasts between current Rowan students and people who work in different parts of the political world.  The goal is to expose students to different career options in an off-the-record chat.


Each speaker is asked three questions:

  • What do you do?
  • What was your career path?
  • What advice do you have for someone who wants do similar work?


Past Speakers


Jeannine LaRue ’74, lobbyist  (October 2018)


Jeannine LaRue at Careers event  


Christina Renna, Chamber of Commerce of Southern NJ  (November 2018)

 Christina Renna gives advice to Rowan students

Hilary Beckett Chebra ’13, legislative aide  (December 2018)

 Hilary Beckett Rowan at Careers and Cream Cheese event December 5

Hon. Bill Moen, Jr. ’09, State Assemblyman  (February 2019)

 Bill Moen Jr. Speaks to Rowan Students  Bill Moen Class of 73 meets Rowan students

Christine Shipley, State Senate Republican Caucus  (March 2019)

 Christine Shipley at RIPPAC Careers and Cream Cheese   Shipley meets Rowan students

Mike Egenton, NJ Chamber of Commerce  (November 2019)


Mike Egenton talks to Rowan students about career paths

    Students ask Mike Egenton questions after his event at Rowan   Mike Egenton and RIPPAC students


Hon. Ryan Peters, State Assemblyman (February 2020)


   Asm. Ryan Peters speaks to Rowan students   Asm. Ryan Peters at Rowan