Sen. Madden, Asm. Moriarty, and Asw. Mosquera Summer Internships 2022

Sen. Madden, Asm. Moriarty, and Asw. Mosquera Summer Internships 2022

RIPPAC Internship Guide - Summer 2022


Name of Company / Association / Organization   Office of Senator Madden, Asm. Moriarty, and Asw. Mosquera


Internship Coordinator    Mike Acevedo


Coordinator’s Phone / Email


Location of Main Office    129 Johnson Road, Suite 1, Turnersville, NJ 08012



Number of Interns Accepted  2-3


Where will the internship be done?


In the main office     X

Remotely (student works from home)       

Combination of Remote & In-Office


Dates / Length of Summer Internship May - August

Required Hours/Week   4-6 hours


Is there some type of salary or stipend?   No

If so, how much? N/A


What is the application process?  (please include deadlines and other requirements.  Attach additional pages if needed

 Applicants may email a statement of Interest or Cover Letter to Mike Acevedo as well as a résumé and complete a phone interview.


Intern work areas:      Clerical  X         Research X        Errands          Organizing   X


Please explain the work that will be required of the intern: 

 Database entry, legislative research, answering phones, assist with casework and outreach.


Will there be opportunities for the intern to observe:


Internal strategy sessions?       Legislative sessions?    X       Committee hearings?  X


Is the intern expected to work evenings and weekends?  If so, please explain. 



What are your current COVID-19 workplace requirements?  (We recognize that these can change at any moment.)

 Proof of full vaccination required.



Do you have any suggestions for the applicants? (Please use additional pages if necessary)