Department of Labor Summer Internships 2022

Department of Labor Summer Internships 2022

RIPPAC Internship Guide - Summer 2022



Name of Company / Association / Organization   NJ Department of Labor


Internship Coordinator Joseph Forte   

Coordinator’s Phone / Email


Location of Main Office 1 Fitch Plaza, Trenton, NJ

Number of Summer 2022 Interns Accepted At least 10


Where will the internship be done?


In the main office       XX

Remotely (student works from home)       

Combo At-home & In-Office


Dates / Length of Summer Internship June 27 – Aug 5, 2022 (6 weeks)  Hours are 9 am to 4 pm, Monday – Friday   


Required Hours/Week 30


Is there some type of salary or stipend?  YES

If so, how much? $22.69 / hour  

What is the application process?  (Please include deadlines & other requirements.  Feel free to attach additional pages)

 Visit to access the 2022 iLEAD Application Packet

 Please submit your Completed Application Packet and required attachments (as outlined in the Application Packet) to by March 29, 2022.

 Be sure to include the Internship ID# (202202) in the subject line of the email.

 Visit to access the 2022 iLEAD Application Packet


Intern work areas:           Clerical XX      Research XX       Errands        Organizing 


Please explain the work that will be required of the intern:  


The NJDOL is dedicated to cultivating future leaders, especially in the area of public service. That is why we developed a robust summer internship program focused on providing professional opportunities within the Department which utilize and build interns’ Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities.


The project-based work experience opportunities for interns are available within the NJDOL’s respective divisions and will provide interns with meaningful assignments aimed to prepare them for a productive career.


Interns will conduct research, compile information, develop action plans, report findings, and create an end-product. To promote a learning environment and foster a networking culture, supervisors will be assigned to assist, mentor, and provide constructive feedback to interns throughout the program.



Interns will showcase their respective projects in a 3 to 5-minute final presentation

 We welcome a variety of skillsets relating to the division assignment, as highlighted in the Application Packet. These skills include but are not limited to: Solid written and verbal communication skills; problem solving; data analysis; understanding and following processes, policies and procedures; excellent customer service skills; teamwork mentality, and industry-specific talents


Will there be opportunities for the intern to observe:


Internal strategy sessions? xx     Legislative sessions?  xx Committee hearings?  xx


All possible but depends on to which area of the NJ DOL you get assigned.  In the application, you are able to review the list of options, and then list your top 3 choices.


Is the intern expected to work evenings and weekends?  If so, please explain.  No.  Hours are 9 am to 4 pm, Monday – Friday



What are your current COVID-19 workplace requirements?  (We recognize that these can change at any moment.)


Per Executive Order 253, all state employees are required to be vaccinated by October 18, 2021 or undergo frequent testing. Please do not submit your vaccine card at this time 


Do you have any suggestions for the applicants? (Please use additional pages if necessary)