Cooper University Internships 2022

Cooper University Internships 2022

RIPPAC Internship Guide - Summer 2022



Name of Company / Association / Organization   Cooper University Health Care


Internship Coordinator N/A   

Coordinator’s Phone / Email   N/A


Location of Main Office Camden, NJ 

Number of Summer 2022 Interns Accepted 


Where will the internship be done?


In the main office XX       

Remotely (student works from home)       

Combo At-home & In-Office


Dates / Length of Summer Internship June 13 – Aug 5, 2022

Required Hours/Week  M-F   8:30am – 5:00 pm


Is there some type of salary or stipend?  Yes

 If so, how much?  $17.25/hour


What is the application process?  (Please include deadlines & other requirements.  Feel free to attach additional pages)


Apply online via Cooper website:


Click on “External Search” and then put in keyword search:  59784


Apply for the job titled:  “”Summer Administrative Intern”



Intern work areas:           Clerical XX               Research XX       Errands        Organizing  XX


Please explain the work that will be required of the intern:  


  • Responsible for successfully completing daily tasks and/or projects as assigned.
  • Will complete all assigned tasks in a timely manner while exhibiting the Cooper University Healthcare Core Value qualities.
  • Must convey a positive attitude and be self-motivated.
  • Must complete and present a brief final report on their key responsibilities and learning’s at final team meeting


Will there be opportunities for the intern to observe:


Internal strategy sessions?           Legislative sessions?                Committee hearings? 


Is the intern expected to work evenings and weekends?  If so, please explain.  No.  



What are your current COVID-19 workplace requirements?  (We recognize that these can change at any moment.)


As a health care facility, masks are required. 


Do you have any suggestions for the applicants? (Please use additional pages if necessary)


  • Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills; strong oral/written communication skills is a must.
  • Demonstrated ability to work well with people of various backgrounds, ethnicities, and life experiences.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team and manage multiple priorities, utilize effective time management skills, and exercise sound judgment.
  • Ability to work in multiple computer systems.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, computer literate, comfortable with Microsoft Office software.