Assemblyman Daniel R Benson Internships 2021

Assemblyman Daniel R Benson Internships 2021

RIPPAC Internship Guide - Summer 2021


Name of Company / Association / Organization   Office of Assemblyman Daniel R Benson 


Internship Coordinator Jolia Thadal  

Coordinator’s Phone / Email 


Location of Main Office 3691-A Nottingham Way, Hamilton, NJ 08690

# of Summer 2021 Interns Accepted 2


Where will the internship be done?


In the main office      

Remotely (student works from home)  X      

Combo At-home & In-Office   X


Dates / Length of Summer Internship  May 24 to TBD   

Required Hours/Week   10 max


Is there some type of salary or stipend? n/a 

If so, how much? n/a


What is the application process?  (Please include deadlines & other requirements.  Feel free to attach additional pages)


  • Email resume to,  2) Schedule & conduct informational interview,  3) Onboarding

4) Virtual Orientation 



Intern work areas:            Clerical X     Research X      Errands       Organizing X


Please explain the work that will be required of the intern:  Drafting outreach letters (congratulations & acknowledgments), attend virtual legislative sessions (to note take, attend professional development workshops, reflection writing


Will there be opportunities for the intern to observe:


Internal strategy sessions?            Legislative sessions?  X   Committee hearings?  X


Is the intern expected to work evenings and weekends?  If so, please explain.  Yes but only 2-3 weeks late in summer  if we decide to do newsletters (interns can use evenings & weekends though not required)


Do you have any suggestions for the applicants? (Please use additional pages if necessary)


Please be prepared to learn/ understand basic legislative info such as who Asm. Benson is how laws get passed in NJ, & different chambers of govt. (following through with onboarding & orientation will provide that)